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Awesome Ad-Free

Curated list of ad-free alternatives to popular services on the web

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DIY and interior design for renters.

Living a meaningful life with less.

Blog by Leo Babauta with topics such as simplifying life.


Reliable business email with no data lock-in.

Client for Jami, a secure communication tool.

Secure video conferencing and desktop sharing using WebRTC. (Apache License 2.0)

Secure web-based email service. (MIT)

Private messaging and calling for desktop, Android, and iOS.

telegram]( | - | - |


Communication platform, designed to be a Skype-killer. GNU GPL3

Text, audio, and video communication with end-to-end encryption.

Blogging platform that allows you to publish ideas without distraction.

File Sharing

Encrypted file storage.

A project aims to provide an open-source software alternative to ยตTorrent. ![Open-Source Software][OSS Icon] ![Freeware][Freeware Icon]

Mobile Apps

Material design file manager for Android

1y 57d

Bible reader with many versions and languages to choose from.

Android apps with customizable widgets, without annoying ads and unnecessary permissions.


Stream, download, remix, and share music for free. (GNU AGPLv3)

Music streaming server with GUI management tools. Runs on Mac, Windows, and Linux. (Source Code) GPL-2.0 Nodejs


Hosted versions of many of the services on this list. (Multiple licenses)


Magazine about the takeover of psychological, physical, and cultural environments by commercial forces.

Digital magazine that publishes original thinking on science, philosophy, society, and the arts.

Educational blog about markets and the global economy.

Progressive news website.

Independent source of consumer news and information.

Media platform for creators and artists that does not sell user data.

Independent, nonviolent, and diverse movements to end the power of concentrated wealth and put human needs before corporate greed.

Fans write articles on football, basketball, cricket, e-sports, motorsports, and most other sports out there. This site is committed to maintaining an experience free of pop-ups, fake news, click-bait, and ads.

High quality, authenticated, explanatory journalism funded by universities.


The collaborative platform for mapping the world, including transport, transit, and routing data.

Encyclopedia that anyone can edit.

Dictionary that anyone can edit.

Weather reports for places in the United States.


Visual platform to help you think about and organize online content.

Feeds, likes, profiles, and tags; you are in control of your data.

Allows users to connect and share with each other; expenses are covered by donations.

Popular site running friendica, a federated Facebook-style social network.

Link aggregation and discussion with downvote explanations. (BSD 3-clause)

Off the grid social network.

Decentralized microblogging platform similar to Twitter.

Essentially Instagram without ads, trackers, or modified timelines.


Collaborative document editing in real-time.

Encrypted notes without ads, sessions, or cookies.

Web Apps

Ad Blockers

uBlock Origin - An efficient blocker for Chromium and Firefox. Fast and lean.

1y 58d

Replaces ads with art.

and uBlock (unrelated to the project above) because it solicits excessive donations and has what could be considered "ads" on its own site.



Domain registrar with a No Bullshit policy.

Law firm that you won't find in the yellow pages.

Environmentally-friendly farm that relies on word of mouth to reach customers.


Calls into question the purpose and effects of advertising in public space.

International street art collective that subverts advertising in urban space.

Defending the urban landscape of Los Angeles from a proliferation of billboards.

Promotes a Digital Public Library system that can replace advertising funded media.

French organization fighting the advertising system and its negative effects.

Make Money Without Ads

Browser add-on that distributes a monthly budget to websites you engage with the most.

Open source recurring donations platform.

Enables groups to set up a collective, raise funds, and manage them transparently.


No longer maintained

Practical advice for an ad-free internet.

DRM-free music listening and discovery software that supports artists directly.

Artists creating change in the urban landscape, but not by going after the ads themselves.

Video and image sharing service powered by MediaGoblin.