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Awesome Advertising

A curated list of awesome advertising content, resources and libraries.

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Concepts and Fundamentals

Explain what an Ad Server is, Publisher vs Advertiser, why have one ad server.

Best Practices

A group of companies (Google, Facebook, etc) that published a research about how to improve the online consumer ad experience and defined some standards.

Ad Managers / Ad Servers / Platforms

Advertising platform.

Ad serving APIs to build and scale server-side ad platforms.

Integrated tool that helps creative, data, and media teams work together to execute end-to-end campaigns.

Google Ad Manager

How to solve common problems / issues with Google Ad Manager.

Google Academy videos about Ad Manager (you should login to see the videos).

Google Ad Manager Help Center.

GAM Libraries / Tools

A React implementation of the Google DFP/GPT api.

1y 68d

Facebook / Instagram

Online training for Advertising on Facebook and Instagram.


Google Academy videos about Programmatic (you should login to see the videos).

Header Bidding (HB)

Complete guide to understand HB, why it's important, how does it work.

Guide about HB from the most used library to implement it.


Website of the most used library to implement HB.

Prebid Libraries / Tools

Automated line item generator for Prebid.js and Google Ad Manager

1y 92d

A JavaScript library for display ads in React applications.

1y 92d


This week in ad tech - one email per week, 5 min read.

Latest updates, marketing trends and advertising tips from Facebook.