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Awesome Empathy in Engineering

A curated list of resources for building and promoting more compassionate engineering cultures

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Empathy for your users

Sara Ann Marie on Medium discusses how small breaks in UX alienate users.

Betsy Haibel in Model View Culture discusses how UX โ€œgreypatternsโ€ and โ€œdarkpatternsโ€ are prevalent in the web.

Gregory Brown at O'Reilly discusses how to identify the most important stakeholders and ask questions to build the best product for them.

The New York Times looks at Facebook's "Compassion Team" tasked with making Facebook more humane.

Eric Meyer at An Event Apart tells us the most difficult day of his life and how important it is to design for people who may be having the worst days of their lives too.

This book by Eric Meyer & Sara Wachter-Boettcher highlights design techniques that identify stress cases and design with compassion.

Empathy for your peers

At Etsy's Code as Craft blog, they discuss why they make their designers and product managers do an engineering rotation.

Followup]( ๐Ÿ“ฐ - The Slack Engineering blog goes into how good pull requests are an act of empathy of our teammates.

The New York Times synthesizes how Google's data-driven culture discovered that norms centering communication and empathy made better teams.

Douglas Stone, Bruce Patton, & Sheila Heen of the Harvard Negotiation Project write about how to handle difficult conversations through a series of techniques that consider the "Third Story."

Lateesha Thomas discusses why empathy is part of the curriculum at DevBootcamp at Alterconf SF 2016.

A quick animation of Brenรฉ Brown talk on what empathy is and how it differs from sympathy.

Empathy in Hiring

Fox on Medium discuss a few simple things employers can do to be kind to job applicants.


This is a simulation of what it is like to read a block of text with dyslexia.


Colour blindness bookmarklet

6y 5m

This is a JS bookmarklet that takes any page and simulates in low vision scenarios.