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Awesome Events in Italy

Curated list of tech related events in Italy

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Awesome Events in Italy (2020 Edition)

๐Ÿ˜Ž Awesome lists about all kinds of interesting topics



Torino - Open source hackaton about Userbase.

Modena - Techincal conference on all the IT world.

Fornovo di Taro - First food dedicated italian hackaton.

Milano - Microsoft annual conference.

Multiple locations - Get together and create games in one weekend.


Milano - Agile in the landscape of emerging technologies.

Milano - Design focused workshops and talks.

Ancona - Cybersecurity italian conference.

Milano - Microsoftโ€™s Power Platform focused event.

Milano - Developer-oriented conference about serverless technologies.


Milano - How Agile concept is evolving in IT and more.

Milano - The European Summit on Emerging Technologies.

Roma - Full day of sessions on graph technology.


Verona - COBOL dedicated conference.

Verona - Ruby dedicated conference.

Milano - Intelligent Communications e Modern Workplace.

Verona - Vue dedicated conference.

Bologna - Conference about the Erlang ecosystem.

Pisa - Conference about Google-related technologies.

Bologna - 2-day conference about DevOps.

Milano - This groundbreaking summit is designed for senior security leaders.


Verona - JavaScript dedicated conference.

Verona - PHP dedicated conference.

Milano - Developers Conference (mainly Java-related).

Milano - Biennial european R users meeting.

Bologna - Individuals and Interactions Over Processes And Tools.

Bologna - Free INFOSEC event.


Milano - Developer-oriented conference about serverless technologies.

Catania - Frontend conference.

Roma - Biggest tech conference in Italy.

Verona - Angular's national conference.

Bergamo - PostgreSQL Italian conference.

Torino - European most important conference about the cloud.

Faenza (RA) - Frontend developers and designers dedicated conference.


Roma - Annual meeting of Italian digital countercultures.

Padova - Biennial italian hacker camp.


Venezia - The business, techincal and human-side of Agile.

Roma - Cybersecurity convention.


Montegrotto Terme (PD) - Human side of Agile.

Verona - React's national conference.

Firenze - The unique Italian conference about Rust.

Firenze - The first Italian conference on Go.

Bologna - The italian conference dedicated to virtualization best-practices.


Firenze - Python's national conference.

Firenze - The unique Italian conference about Qt.

Torino - Italyโ€™s biggest Android Event.