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Awesome Funny Markov Chains

A curated list of delightfully amusing and facetious Markov chain output.

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Web and Tech

Text Generation using Markov Chains fed by 4chan APIs

2y 6m

Fake headlines created by smashing up real headlines.

The most confusing subreddit (often on the front page).

Hacker News dataset eats itself.

Another spin on Hacker News.

A computer generated and dictated podcast.

Guess the Spring Framework class name.

Mutations on Puppet documentation and the assorted works of H. P. Lovecraft.

Combined King James Bible, Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs, and some of Eric S. Raymond's writings.

Suspiciously believeable (but incorrect) Git documentation.

Stack Overflow's homage to their greatest ever user, Jon Skeet.

Random question and answers based on the StackOverflow/StackExchange data dumps.


Erowid trip reports and tech recruiter emails.

Takes two headlines about different things and then confuses them.

Sarah Palin speeches and Erowid trip reports.

A mashup of the Twitter public timeline.

Magic] Markov the Gathering.

The glorious leader himself.

Drunk tweeting nonsensical beer reviews.

a markov bot trained on erowid trip reports and ICO whitepapers.

An hipster bot trained on Erowid trip reports and Pitchfork's album reviews.


Calvin and Hobbes strips reimagined.

Transcripts of old Garfield strips.

Semi-coherent bits of random X-Files dialogue, based on community transcripts.

An incoherent savior for an incoherent age.

90's Flowchart.

create a mathematically generated Trump speech.


yo maam jokes using markov chains

3y 10m

Generates your future tweets based on the DNA of your existing messages.

Generate awesome Javascript project names from the popular JavaScript library names on GitHub.

A history of funny Markov chains

Featuring "Alice in Elsinore: The Alice books and Hamlet", and "The Revelation of St. Alice: The Alice books, and the books of Genesis and Revelation".

Sober applications