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Awesome Heroku

A curated list of helpful Heroku resources.

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a beta of Metadata as an app that can be deployed directly to Heroku.


explores why Heroku eliminates a lot of the tooling you need to worry about when working with microservices.

discusses why Heroku is perfectly suited to building a service-oriented architecture for your projects.

hands-on guide to deploy a microservices web application in Heroku using npm and NodeJS.


the official Heroku blog.


explains how to use the "Preboot" feature to enable zero-downtime deployments, which can be tricky to get right.

explains how you'd go about automating certain parts of deployment like enabling maintenance mode, copying your database from production to staging, running migrations against staging, etc.

the answer to a common question about .gitignore like functionality.

looks at how to deploy a Django app to Heroku with Docker via the Heroku Container Runtime


a good primer on how to think about managing the different pieces of each environment.


a walkthrough of how to use CloudFlare as your DNS provider.

an article on how to share the same domain between multiple Heroku applications.

a StackOverflow question with a few responses to a the common question of how to serve multiple Heroku apps from different paths instead of subdomains.


an ebook that covers a lot of the basics in maintaining and scaling a project on Heroku.

step-by-step recipes to solve the challenges of administering and scaling a real-world production web application on Heroku.


explains Heroku's advantages and why it's not just for side projects.

a great series of takeaways from Brandur Leach when he left Heroku.

a cool slideshow about Heroku's buildpacks, and what the open-source community is hacking together with them.


Run pgbouncer in a dyno along with your application

1y 68d

the landing page explaining with it is.


a SaaS tool that automatically scales your Heroku dynos up and down as load requires.


walks you through the exact steps to setting up free SSL via Cloudflare.


Multiple account management for Heroku

5y 6m

A heroku plugin for awesome pg:* commands that are also great and fun and super.

1y 49d

where to download the Heroku toolbelt.


a self-hosted, docker-based, Heroku-compliant platform.