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Awesome JAMstack

Carefully curated list of awesome Jamstack resources

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Videos and articles about Jamstack.

Pick up tools in our Directory to work with the Jamstack. Browse our showcase and get inspired.



Visual content management for static web sites, with Hugo and GitHub Pages.

All-in-one platform for automating modern web projects.

All-in-one serverless platform for modern web apps with config-free tools and workflows.

No-Code Platforms

Lightning fast, secure front-end for your WordPress or Ghost blog, without coding.

Jamstack Sites Showcase

Hosted on Netlify, demonstrates advanced features from a modern Web Application.

Built on Gatsby and hosted on Netlify.

PWA built on Gatsby and hosted on Netlify.

PWA built on Next.js and hosted on Zeit Now v2 Serverless platform.

Hosted on Netlify, built with Jekyll, Netlify Functions and Netlify Forms.

Built with Gatsby + MaterialUI and hosted on Netlify

React/MaterialUI/Firebase hosted on Netlify since August 2018. Prominent in Linux gaming community.

Static Site Generators

Blazing-fast static site generator for React.

Lightweight framework for static and server-rendered applications.

Hugo is a static site generator written in Go.

Transform your plain text into static websites and blogs.

A fast, simple & powerful blog framework, powered by Node.js.

An extremely simple, pluggable static site generator.

A modular website compiler.

Vue-powered static site generator for building CDN-ready websites for any Headless CMS, APIs or Markdown-files.

Versatile vue-based framework for server-side-rendered, static and traditional single page applications.

A simpler static site generator transforming various template files into HTML.

A cross-platform open source website generator developed in C++ that is lightning fast and extremely powerful.


a client-side CMS for editing GitHub Markdown (and other) files ⛺

2y 10m

Headless CMS with REST and GraphQL API options.

A cloud-native headless CMS that scales.

Content infrastructure for digital teams.

open source Git-based CMS.

Headless CMS and Content API.

Cloud-based JavaScript CMS built for digital agencies and medium to large-sized businesses.

Headless API CMS for both developers and marketers.

A friendly CMS for your static site.

The API-based CMS your editors will love.

Prose is a content editor for GitHub designed for managing websites.

Next Generation API-first CMS. Create your content with powerful editing tools and access it from anywhere with a GraphQL or REST API. Stop letting your CMS decide how you build your apps.

Headless CMS for sites built with static site generators.

A self-hosted headless and api-driven CMS.

A List of Content Management Systems for Jamstack Sites.

Headless GraphQL API CMS with 1-click deploy to Netlify.

A headless CMS for online publications

The open source Headless CMS Front-End Developers love.

An effortless headless CMS.

WordPress API hosting.


Authentication, done for you.

Brings a full suite of authentication functionality, backed by the GoTrue API.

REST API User management system for your webside with identy provider with JWT + extra functionality.


Global comment system that improves discussion on websites and connects conversations across the web.

Embeddable comments for your site by Facebook.

A lightweight comments widget built on GitHub issues. Use GitHub issues for blog comments, wiki pages and more.


0/mo - $99/mo | Handle forms without a single line of back-end code. |

The form backend built for developers: Zapier integrations, simple endpoint API, unlimited forms.

Form backend platform for designers and developers. Setup your form endpoints for your static site within minutes and expand your data with Zapier integration and Webhooks support.

Netlify comes with built-in form handling.

Modern forms for static sites, with native support for React.


A free, open source e-commerce platform for static websites.

4y 4m

A headless e-commerce for Jamstack sites.

Include a few lines of code for a full online shop.

Add eCommerce functionality to anything.

A shopping cart designed for the Jamstack.

Shopify headless e-commerce solution.


Hosted Search API that delivers instant and relevant results from the first keystroke.

Search made simple (on frontend).

Powerful search for your website with a few lines of JavaScript.


Query language for APIs and a runtime for fulfilling those queries with your existing data.

Open-source and self-hosted backend-as-a-service to develop serverless GraphQL backends.

Serverless GraphQL database. Free tier with no time limit. Easily included in Netlify apps.

REST API User management system for your webside with identy provider with JWT + extra functionality.

File management

REST API User management system for your webside with identy provider with JWT + extra functionality.


A framework for building integrations and APIs


Trigger actions connecting more than 1000 apps together.


DEPRECATED: Curated list of resources related to serverless computing and serverless architectures.

1y 8m

Netlify lets you deploy Lambda functions without an AWS account, and with function management handled directly within Netlify.

Runs code in response to events and automatically manages EC2 instances.

Serverless compute service that enables you to run code on-demand without having to explicitly provision or manage infrastructure.

Simplifies building automated scalable workflows that integrate apps and data across cloud services and on-premises systems.

Serverless application that completely abstracts away infrastructure so you focus only on code.

Create single-purpose, stand-alone functions that respond to Cloud events without the need to manage a server or runtime environment

Highly-scalable NoSQL database with automatic sharding and replication.

Geo-redundant object storage for high QPS needs.

Geo-redundant real-time messaging for all message sizes and velocities.

Enterprise API management for multi-cloud environments.

API management apps built on Google Cloud.

Serverless stream and batch data processing service.

Serverless data warehousing services that help you to deploy advanced cloud data warehousing solutions for your enterprise.

Serverless machine learning services that automatically scales built on custom Google hardware (Tensor Processing Units).

Toolkit for deploying and operating serverless architectures.

Image hosting, manipulation and delivery.

Serverless image delivery and management service. imgix connects to where your images are stored (e.g. S3, GCS, web folder) and transforms, optimizes, and intelligently delivers your images using simple and robust URL parameters.


Tutorials / Articles