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Awesome Network Analysis

A curated list of awesome network analysis resources.

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_, edited by Mark E.J. Newman, Albert-László Barabási and Duncan J. Watts - 600 pages of classic network analysis articles (2006).


General Overviews

_, edited by George A. Barnett - Covers all sorts of network-related themes (many of them not formal) as well as social network analysis (2011).

_, by Albert-László Barabási - Full book online (2016).

_, by the U.S. National Research Council - Full book online (2005).

_, edited by John Scott and Peter J. Carrington (2011).

_, by Ian McCulloh, Helen Armstrong and Anthony Johnson (2013).

Graph Theory

_, by John Harris, Jeffry L. Hirst and Michael Mossinghoff (2008).

_, by Arthur Benjamin, Gary Chartrand and Ping Zhang (2015).

_, by John A. Bondy and Uppaluri S.R. Murty (2008).

_, by Reinhard Diestel - Full book online, also in Chinese and German (2016).

_, by Frank Harary - Full book online (1969).

_, by Gary Chartrand, Linda Lesniak and Ping Zhang (2016).


_, by Radhakrishnan Nagarajan, Marco Scutari and Sophie Lèbre (website; 2013).

_, by Manuel Lima - Hundreds of beautiful tree diagrams, from all periods of history (2014).

_, edited by Dean Lusher, Johan Koskinen and Garry Robins (2013).

_, edited by Andreas Kerren, Helen C. Purchase and Matthew O. Ward (2014).

_, edited by Ulrik Brandes and Thomas Erlebach - Covers network centrality, clustering, blockmodels, spatial networks and more (2005).


_, by David Joyner, Minh Van Nguyen, and David Phillips - Full book online (2013).

_ (using UCINET), by Stephen P. Borgatti, Martin G. Everett and Jeffrey C. Johnson (2013).

_, by Wouter de Nooy, Andrej Mrvar and Vladimir Batagelj (2011; also in Japanese and in Chinese).

_ (covering many programs), edited by Michael Jünger and Petra Mutzel (2004).

_ (using mostly UCINET), by Robert A. Hanneman and Mark Riddle - Full book online (2001).


_, by Alain Barrat, Marc Barthélemy and Alessandro Vespignani (2008).

_, by Alex Fornito, Andrew Zalesky and Edward Bullmore (2016).

_, edited by Balázs Vedres and Marco Scotti (2012).

_, edited by Yann Bramoullé, Andrea Galeotti and Brian Rogers (2016).

_, by Anne-Marie Slaughter (2017); applies network science to world politics.



by Peter Sheridan Dodds (University of Vermont, 2016; Twitter: @networksvox).

by Paul Van Dooren - Full lecture slides (Hamilton Institute, Dublin, 2009).

by Aaron Clauset - Full lecture slides and readings (University of Colorado, 2014).

by David Easley, Jon Kleinberg and Eva Tardos (presentation; Cornell University via edX, 2016).

by Mardavij Roozbehani and Evan Sadler (MIT, 2018).

by Daron Acemoglu and Asu Ozdaglar (MIT, 2009).

by Constantine Dovrolis - Mostly open access readings (Georgia Tech, 2015).

by Albert-László Barabási, Sean Cornelius and Roberta Sinatra (Northeastern University, 2015).

by Matthew O. Jackson (Stanford University via Coursera, 2015).

by Lada Adamic (University of Michigan via Coursera, not yet run).

by Andrej Mrvar (University of Ljubljana, 2016).

by Dennis M. Feehan (University of Berkeley, 2017).

by Jon Kleinberg - Links to many diverse readings (Cornell University, 2008).


Bill cosponsorship networks in European parliaments.

4y 6m

Gephi - The Open Graph Viz Platform

1y 22d

Large collection of networks described and indexed by Aaron Clauset’s research group.

Comprehensive maps of neural connections.

Historical data on the international connections between 45 currencies.

Includes, among other things, networks of collaboration in DBpedia and Wikipedia, GitHub (companion handbook).

Over 300 datasets of all sorts, in UCINET format.

Online platform to analyze, archive and share ecological network data (preprint, Python package, R package).

example visualizations](

Fully searchable database containing hundreds of real-world networks.

Network data sets from Albert-László Barabási’s Network Science book. Includes data on IMDB actors, arXiv scientific collaboration, network of routers, the US power grid, protein-protein interactions, cell phone users, citation networks, metabolic reactions, e-mail networks, and Web pages.

Repository of network datasets in GraphML and igraph formats.

Two-mode and one-mode data on gender representation in Norwegian firms.

A databse of movie characters interaction graphs.

Network data obtained through the SocioPatterns sensing platform.


Professional Groups

Research Groups (USA)

Research group studying social networks at the University of Southern California.

Research group based at the University of Southern California School of Medicine.

Research division within the Department of Medicine at Brigham and Women’s Hospital.

NISS Lab) - Led by Skyler J. Cranmer at Ohio State University.

Headed by Carter T. Butts. Part of the Center for Networks and Relational Analysis (CNRA) at the University of California in Irvine.

Non-profit study group of ecological networks (“food webs”).

Research Groups (Other)

Research group based in Paris.

Virtual collaboration between four complex networks research groups.

Wroclaw-based research group that studies, among many things, complex networks and other network-related topics.

Interdisciplinary group of researchers at the Marc Bloch Centre in Berlin, with many network science projects.

French research group with funds to support training and workshops on network analysis for social scientists.

Platform for scholars interested in network analysis for historical research.

Russian group based at the National Research University in Moscow.

Research group at the Catholic University of Louvain (official page).

Tokyo-based research group, studying bi-, tri- and k-partite (hyper)networks.

Research network at the University of Toronto, led by Barry Wellman.

Research Lab at McGill University, led by Derek Ruths

Historical research project on the connections between Jewish intellectuals.

in Spanish - Information network based at the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona.

in French - Blog posts from a research group on historical networks.

Interdisciplinary research group that uses wireless sensors to study social network data.

Research platform based at the Austrian Academy of Sciences that focuses on applying network theory and visualisation to medieval history.

Research and software development project located at the Australian National University.

Archeological and Historical Networks

in French (Revue d’histoire moderne et contemporaine, 2005).

preprint](; IET Systems Biology, 2007).

Bibliographic, Citation and Semantic Networks

Biological, Ecological and Disease Networks

Complex and Multilayer Networks

Ethics of Network Analysis

Network Modeling

preprint](; Social Networks, 2010).

preprint](; -->Computational Complexity, 2012).

Book-length review (preprint; Foundations and Trends in Machine Learning, 2010).

video presentation](; NIPS 2014 workshop on “Networks: From Graphs to Rich Data”).

Network Visualization

Models and Methods in Social Network Analysis, 2005).

Encyclopedia of Complexity and Systems Science, 2009; poster version).

Handbook of Graph Drawing and Visualization, 2013).

Social, Economic and Political Networks

Annual Review of Sociology, 2012).

preprint](; -->Encyclopedia of Social Network Analysis and Mining, 2014).

preprint](; -->The SAGE Handbook of Social Network Analysis, 2011).

preprint](; PS: Political Science and Politics, 2011).

Selected Papers

by Pascal Cristofoli, in French - Reviews the current state of relational sociology and network analysis in light of the large-scale and online data (Réseaux, 2008).

by Steven M. Goodreau, James A. Kitts and Martina Morris - Accessible introduction to the logic and application of exponential random graph modeling (Demography, 2001).

by Peter S. Bearman, James Moody and Katherine Stovel - Classic example of topological network analysis applied to a network of affective and sexual ties (American Journal of Sociology, 2004).

by Travis Martin et al. - Highly typical study of scientific publishing productivity and collaboration through temporal network analysis (preprint; Physical Review E, 2013).

by Jon Kleinberg - Discusses small-world effects and social contagion within the context of the Internet and social media (Communications of the ACM, 2008).

by Cosma R. Shalizi and Andrew C. Thomas - Makes a very important point for the analysis of network diffusion and influence (Sociological Methods and Research, 2011).

by Alain Barrat, in French - Accessible introduction to the study of complex networks (Communication & Organisation, 2013).

by Mustafa Emirbayer and Jeff Goodwin (American Journal of Sociology, 1994), and Manifesto for a Relational Sociology, by Mustafa Emirbayer (American Journal of Sociology, 1997) - Sociological foundations for a science of social ties.

by Franco Moretti - Example applications of (fictional) network analysis in literary studies (New Left Review, 2011).

by Tore Opsahl, Filip Agneessens and John Skvoretz - Explores the generalization of network centrality and distance measures to (positively) valued graphs (Social Networks, 2010; companion website).

by Albert-László Barabási and Eric Bonabeau - Early, accessible formulation of the “networks are everywhere” argument (Scientific American, 2003).

by Tyler J. VanderWeele and Weihua An - Reviews the different ways in which network analysis can produce meaningful causal statements, as well as the inherent limits of network analysis for doing so (Handbook of Causal Analysis for Social Research, 2013).

by Kieran Healy - Network analysis meets science studies: social networks, like financial markets, are highly subject to performativity, i.e. the possibility that reality might be altered by its theoretical inquiry (European Journal of Sociology, 2015).

by Carter T. Butts - On choosing the right network representation to frame a research problem.

by John F. Padgett and Christopher K. Ansell - Classic analysis of power relations in the Renaissance Florentine state (American Journal of Sociology, 1993).

by Mark Granovetter - Arch-classic example of applying network analysis to a social issue: jobseeking (American Journal of Sociology, 1973).

The Journal of Economic History, 2005) and The Empirics of International Currencies: Network Externalities, History and Persistence (The Economic Journal, 2009), both by Marc Flandreau and Clemens Jobst - Network analysis of the foreign exchange system in the late 19th century (data).

by A. James O’Malley and Jukka-Pekka Onnela - 50-page introduction to network analysis, with just the right amount of detail on all aspects of it (The Handbook of Health Services Research, forthcoming 2017).


Graph Theory library for Ruby

1y 12m

IGraph/M is the igraph interface for Mathematica

1y 5m

Network-based spatial analysis software for solving complex routing problems.

Cross-platform Java program to identify clusters and communities through the Clique Percolation Method (CPM).

Cross-platform program to produce circular layouts of network data, written in Perl.

Cross-platform Java program to build, analyze and visualize networks. Also a JavaScript library.

Illustrated through an archaeological and geographical case study (2013).

Qualitative content analysis tool with network export facilities, written in Java with R integration.

Windows program for ego network analysis.

Cross-platform Java program for ego network analysis.

Server-side software for social network data collection and processing.

Online tool aimed at representing and sharing gene interaction networks as well as Petri net models.

Cross-platform, free and open source tool for network visualization.

Cross-platform tool intended for the prediction of human epidemics.

Collaborative platform for mapping, analyzing and publishing data-networks.

Cross-platform software to draw graphs in the DOT graph drawing language.

Apache Spark's API for graphs and graph-parallel computation.

Online tool to visualize and model networks with textual edges.

Web-based tool for simple network analysis and visualization.

Symbolic computations. Free alternative

Free, open-source platform to draw networks, currently in beta.

Cross-platform, free and open source tool to study multilayer networks, based on R and GNU Octave.

Open source, scalable graph database, used by companies like Linkurious.

Set of tools to collect personal network data (in early development).

Web-based tool to compute Strona and Veech’s node overlap and segregation measures.

Web-based data management, network analysis and visualisation environment (blog).

Free, open-source template to explore network graphs with Microsoft Excel.

Series of blog posts on using NodeXL (2013).

Windows program for dynamic meta-network assessment and analysis.

Web-based platform to analyze social media data, including through Twitter-based and co-occurrence networks.

Windows program for large network analysis, free for noncommercial use.

Simulation and estimation of (one-mode and multilevel) exponential random graph models (ERGMs), written in Java for Windows.

Web-based platform to both analyze network data as well as collect network data via relationship-based surveys.

Cross-platform Java program for genealogical network analysis.

Set of tools intended for the analysis of complex networks, built on top of Radalib, a library written in Ada.

Cross-platform tool to build and visualize semantic graph databases.

Simulation Investigation for Empirical Network Analysis. Formerly a Windows program, now developed as the RSiena R package.

Cross-platform program that includes a simple Web crawler to construct hyperlink networks.

Tool to visualize dynamic or longitudinal network data. Formerly a Java program (example movies), now developed as the ndtv R package.

Cross-platform tool to perform large-scale, distributed network computations with Apache Spark’s GraphX module; written in Java and Scala.

Cross-platform program for the visualization and exploration of complex networks.

Several Windows programs developed by the same team as Siena.

Cross-platform network analysis and visualization framework built on top of a C++ library, with plugins dedicated to specific biological and physical networks. Also available through its Python package.

Windows commercial software package for the analysis of social network data.

Software suite for online (hyperlink) network analysis, by the VOSON research project.

Web-based software for the collection and analysis of online network data.

quick tutorial](; to be discontinued in 2016).

R client for the VOSON software (in development).

Cross-platform program to download and visualize Usenet data. Developed for a Masters degree.

Cross-platform Java network analysis and visualization program, free for noncommercial use.

Illustrated through an archaeological case study (2015).

Cross-platform Java program to visualize online social networks.

Cross-platform Java tool for constructing and visualizing bibliometric networks.


Basic graph theory algorithms

4y 67d

Programs to identify link communities in complex networks

6y 10m

Algorithms for finding weighted modularity in bipartite networks

5y 5m

Algorithms to detect overlapping communities in networks, written in Java.

Force-directed layout included in Gephi (paper).

Community detection method, available in C++ and R.

C / C++

C++ library that provides a generic interface to access graph structures.

General purpose graph library.

C++ code for the Infomap method of multilevel community detection.

C program designed for analyzing socio-semantic networks. Runs on Linux and Mac OS X.

Self-contained C++ class library for diagram, network and tree layouts.

C++ general purpose network analysis and graph mining library. Available as a Python library and in Microsoft Excel via NodeXL.


Simple prototype for creating derived graphs from social network data using Deriggy and Fluo

3y 6m

Java library for the modeling and analysis of dynamic graphs.


Force-directed graph layout using velocity Verlet integration.

1y 49d

A D3 force plug-in for programmatically determining a set of vectors' angles and magnitudes

2y 67d

Louvain community detection for Javascript ( (

1y 6m

Interactive open source visualization platform for multivariate dynamic networks.

1y 6m

JavaScript app for displaying annotated network graphs based on data from LittleSis

1y 50d

Graph drawing library for JavaScript


Network analysis and visualization library.

Allows the user to manipulate documents based on data to render charts in SVG.

JavaScript graphical tool to collect ego-centered network data (paper).

Visualization library to draw diagrams and several types of network layouts.

Specification and reference implementation for a robust and multipurpose JavaScript Graph object.

Visualization library to build and manipulate graphs through a simple API. Powered by d3.js and WebCola.

Library based on d3.js that provides a graph based search interface.

JavaScript library dedicated to graph drawing.

Network diagrams, descriptive timelines with labels, and has 3D graphs.

Use Graphviz in Web pages.


Bayesian Networks for Julia

1y 59d

A Julia wrapper for the Smile C++ Structural Modeling, Inference, and Learning Engine for Bayesian & Influence Networks

5y 29d

Everything you've never dreamed about measuring on ecological networks.

1y 53d

Studying networks that evolve over time.

3y 6m

Working with graphs in Julia

2y 5m

An optimized graphs package for the Julia programming language


Additional functionality for LightGraphs.jl

2y 10m

Layout algorithms for graphs and trees in pure Julia.

1y 5m

(DEPRECATED) Additional graph flexibility for LightGraphs

4y 84d

(DEPRECATED) Centrality measures for Graphs.jl

5y 52d

Graph and Network algorithms in Julia

1y 4m

Network Flows structures and algortihms for Julia v0.4+

4y 5m

Julia Interface to visualize Graphs.

4y 5m

A Julia package for statistical inference, data manipulation and visualization of phylogenetic networks

1y 47d

This library generates graph layouts using the TikZ graph layout package.

1y 8m


Toolbox for complex-network analysis of structural and functional brain-connectivity data, with links to many related projects.

Random network toolbox that implements nine network models.

Variant of the Louvain community detection algorithm.

Graph library based on the C++ Boost Graph Library.

Simulation und visualization of Random Boolean Networks.


Interactive network visualization in Python and Dash, powered by Cytoscape.js

1y 78d

Python package for graph statistics


Karate Club: An API Oriented Open-source Python Framework for Unsupervised Learning on Graphs (CIKM 2020)


Easy link prediction tool

1y 6m

Little Ball of Fur - A graph sampling extension library for NetworKit and NetworkX (CIKM 2020)


Visualization Package for NetworkX

1y 50d
1y 5m

PyGraphistry is a library to extract, transform, and visually explore big graphs

1y 50d
1y 100d

Python module for network manipulation and analysis, written mostly in C++ for speed.

Python renderer for the DOT graph drawing language.

Python utility for drawing networks as hive plots on matplotlib, a more comprehensive network visualization.

Python package to turn bibliometrics data into authorship and citation networks.

Python package for the creation, manipulation, and study of the structure, dynamics, and functions of complex networks.

Python version of the igraph network analysis package.

A solid implementation of Louvain community detection algorithm.

A Python interface for SNAP (a general purpose, high performance system for analysis and manipulation of large networks).

Python 3 library for temporal network analysis.

MATLAB/Python library to produce interactive network visualizations with d3.js.


A Statistical Model for Communication Networks

4y 4m


5y 7m

An R package which implements an extension to the TPME model of Krafft et al. (2012)

6y 20d

Graph and network visualization using tabular data in R.

1y 105d

R package to analyze two-mode networks

1y 119d

A Modern and Flexible Neo4J Driver

2y 49d

R package containing several network datasets

1y 66d

R package: networkdiffusion

1y 7m

R package for signed networks

1y 59d

R package, using vis.js library for network visualization

1y 4m

Additive and multiplicative effects models for relational data.

Provides methods for binarizing a weighted network retaining only significant edges.

Tools to analyse Bayesian exponential random graph models (BERGM).

Functions to visualize bipartite (two-mode) networks and compute indices commonly used in ecological research. See also: levelnet R package.

Implementats generalized blockmodeling for valued networks.

Tools for performing graph theory analysis of brain MRI data.

Tools to fit temporal ERGMs by bootstrapped pseudolikelihood. Also provides MCMC maximum likelihood estimation, goodness of fit for ERGMs, TERGMs, and stochastic actor-oriented models (SAOMs), and tools for the micro-level interpretation of ERGMs and TERGMs.

Computes distances on dual-weighted directed graphs, such as street networks, using priority-queue shortest paths.

Estimation of Exponential Random Graph Models (ERGM).

Estimation and diagnosis of the convergence of Generalized Exponential Random Graph Models (GERGM).

Single-geometry approach to network visualization with ggplot2.

Multiple-geometries approach to plot network objects with ggplot2.

Grammar of graph graphics built in the spirit of ggplot2. See also: tidygraph R package.

Estimate and simulate hierarchical exponential-family random graph models (HERGM) with local dependence.

Determine paths and states that social networks develop over time to form social hierarchies.

Compute various node centrality network measures by Burt, Borgatti and others.

Implements several network centrality measures.

Latent position and cluster models for network objects.

Linear programming model aimed at infering biological (signalling, gene) networks.

Tools to construct animated visualizations of dynamic network data in various formats.

D3 JavaScript Network Graphs from R.

Tools to analyze the network diffusion of innovations.

Up-to-date collection of network centrality indices, with lots of documentation.

Simulate and combine micro-models to research their impact on the macro-features of social networks.

Basic tools to manipulate relational data in R.

Support for dynamic, (inter)temporal networks.

Tools to simulate bipartite networksgraphs with the degrees of the nodes fixed and specified.

Nonparametric estimation of preferential attachment and node fitness in temporal complex networks.

Implements Partial Correlation with Information Theory in order to identify meaningful correlations in weighted networks, such as gene co-expression networks.

Interface between R and recent versions of Cytoscape.

Interface between R and Cytoscape.js.

Tools to model and visualize psychometric networks; also aimed at weighted graphical models).

Tools to fit relational event models (REM).

Tools to create sequence statistics from event lists to be used in relevent.


Estimate endogenous network effects in event sequences and fit relational event models (REM), which measure how networks form and evolve over time.