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Awesome Non-Financial Blockchain

Curated list of projects that build non-financial applications of blockchain

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Public Blockchain Identity

Platform for decentralized, server-less apps where users control their data. Identity included.

Self-Sovereign identity built on top of open source permissioned blockchain.

Self-sovereing identity wallet.


Proposed identity protocol for BitCoin.

Uport is a mobile, self-sovereign identity and key management system, built on the Ethereum blockchain.

Blockchain as a collateral

Proprietary digital identity service, uses blockchain for time-stamping and secure documents exchange.

Makes a bank on blockchain, identity as a collateral.


Secure platform for sharing verifiable identity claims, data or documents among financial institutions.

Cross-industry collaboration over distributed identity.

Identity both for people and devices.

Enterprise-grade Blockchain Identity Software.



Institute for Data Driven Design, explores issues around self-sovereign identity, and distributed organizations.

W3C Credentials Community Group.

Description of blockchain identity by Tao.Network.

Internet of Things Applications

IoT devices registry on blockchain.

Software and hardware for decentralized Intranet of Things systems

Decentralized Internet of Things token on blockless blockchain.

Distributed platform for IoT micropayments.

IoT blockchain platform.

Ethereum-based platform for building Shared Things.

Energy Applications

Blockchain consultancy. Presented bitcoin-topped smart electricity meter. Once topped up, it chooses a plan, and starts moving energy.

Decentralised energy marketplace by Innogy and ConsenSys.

Reinventing energy on blockchain.

Blockchain for Smart Grid. Declare three years of work on the technology.

Energy Services, Product Research & Development. Makers of Brooklyn Microgrid along with ConsenSys.

Energy provider. Experiment with blockchain.

Decentralised energy marketpace.

Peer-to-peer energy marketplace in the Netherlands.

Makers of Solar Coin. AltCoin for a MW of solar power.

Provider of Renewable Energy Certificates.

Reinvesting of power generated under Power Purchase Agreement in more PPAs.

Media and Journalism

Decentralized social network which incentivises content creation and curation.

Incentivized distributed video platform.

Decentralized newsmaking platform.

Talks and Books

Probably the best book on blockchain applications.

First global summit on blockchain technology in Energy Sector.

TED Talk from the author of "Blockchain Revolution" book on what is blockchain and its applications.

Presentation of non-financial uses of blockchain at Fintech Week 2016.