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Awesome NoSQL Guides

Curated list of awesome resources and links about using NoSQL databases

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Overview of NoSQL

Talk given at GOTO 2012 as a great introduction to NoSQL databases, the types of NoSQL databases, their history, pros and cons, and how and when to use them.

Very digestable and affordable book describing the different NoSQL databases and help you make the decision on whether using a NoSQL database is appropriate for your project.

Fun song from 2012 about seven (six are NoSQL) databases with a very condensed overview of how they each work.

This NoSQL Toolbox allows us to derive a simple decision tree to help practitioners and researchers filter potential system candidates based on central application requirements".

Abadi (2009) discusses limitations and opportunities of data management and data analysis in the cloud.

Some misconceptions about NoSQL databases relating to topics such as what they are, ACID-compliance, and security.

A list of ten arguments for why developers like to use NoSQL databases.

Gorton and Klein (2014) paper to discuss software engineering concerns when dealing with big data systems in terms of distribution, data, and deployment. Also accessible here.

Discussion on Stack Overflow on best use cases for using NoSQL databases over traditional SQL databases.

Article describes five common data stores (relational database, non-relational (“NoSQL”) database, key-value store, full-text search engine, message queue) and their attributes.

A 149-page document outlining motives and rationale for NoSQL databases, and common concepts, techniques and patterns among these databases; last updated around 2011.

General overview and examples of NoSQL database schema types, while covering CAP theorem tradeoffs.

Good overview of databases in general and how NoSQL database types differ and can be useful.

Data Structures and Modeling

Best practices (as of 2018) of structuring your data if your database uses JSON.

This articles provides a short comparison of NoSQL system families from the data modeling point of view and digests several common modeling techniques.

Data modeling help specific to MongoDB, ranging from schema validation and example patterns. However, concepts may carry over to other document NoSQL databases.

Essay argues that despite existing schema-less databases, thoughtful database modeling is important to gain knowledge and insights using algorithms.

Solution for managing both NoSQL and relational databases using the Unified Data Modeling technique.

Patterns for querying across multiple paradigms in the same database.

Despite popular belief that NoSQL are schema-less, this article outlines how NoSQL databases follow "query driven design" and considerations for this flexibility in schema.

Trade-Offs in CAP/Brewer's Theorem

Visual display of trade-offs in the CAP theorem among different NoSQL databases.

Reviews CAP theorem and maps common NoSQL databases to CAP categories to help choose one.

Crowd-Sourced Information

Reddit page on NoSQL on general questions and discussions people may have about NoSQL databases.

In your opinion, which papers and books are mandatory to really understand NoSQL subject?".

Common terms talked about in the database world and here are answers from others.

Wikipedia entry on all things NoSQL databases.

Graph Databases

Although documents geared towards Neo4j, concepts are applicable to all graph databases.

Learn how graph databases were key to explore who were the main names connected to companies in tax havens, including 140 politicians in more than 50 countries.

Discusses the basics of modeling your data and which approach you should take.

Directly related to Neo4j, but possibly applicable to any graph database.

Brief introduction to graph data modeling and is an introduction to the book, "Graph Data Modeling for NoSQL and SQL" by Thomas Frisendal.

Criticisms and Debates

Argues against nine criticisms to NoSQL databases as they apply to CouchDB, but may apply to others as well.

Stages of going through picking and using a NoSQL database mirroring the five stages of grief.

Speed and scalability and developer joy have been the gains found from enduring through challenges of moving to NoSQL.


Excellent tutorial in learning NoSQL vs RDBMS through building a toy database using Python.

Blog post comparing and constrating system designs of two well known NoSQL databases.

Brief overview of NoSQL databases and the spectrum of schema, along with a very basic implementation of a NoSQL database using the Crystal programming language.