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Awesome OKR Methodology

A curated list about OKR (Objective - Key Results)

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A curated list about OKR (Objective - Key Results)

1y 6m

Great article describing the fundamental of OKR with real examples from Uber and Youtube.


What are OKRs and what's in it for me?

Nice presentation presenting basic concepts of OKR.

The slides from the talk "Executioner's tale" by Christina Wodtke.

Learn how to implement the OKRs goal-setting process to drive company performance

A description of the major benefits when using OKRs in your company

An overview about OKR and how to power your business by Wrike

A light-weight and informative overview of OKR by Benchify

Great slides describing how to set good OKRs

How to achieve your targets with the methodology invented at Intel and used by Google



A handbook for setting and achieving audacious goals by John Doerr.


Keys to OKR Success: A Q&A with the Man Who Introduced OKRs to Google, John Doerr

How OKR helped a company like Google to grow from 40 to 40,000 employees

A great article regarding alignment and trasparency of OKR and how it helped at Pusher

Another article by Pusher regarding how they set quarterly team objectives

How Upstart set OKRs and set goals for the entire company

An interview with Mark Pincus and how OKR helped at Zynga

This article describes how to set & achieve meaningful OKRs

This is an important article that descrives the most common mistakes while writing OKRs and how to fix them.

A great worksheet for getting started with OKRs

How Google grades employees, and how you can use the same system at your company.

Basics about what OKRs are.

Another article from Business Insider regarding OKR and great insights from the Kris Klau talk at Google



The concept and measurement of commitment to goals, a key aspect of goal-setting theory, are discussed. The strength of the relationship between commitment and performance is asserted to depend on the amount of variance in commitment.

Goal setting is most likely to improve task performance when the goals are specific and sufficiently challenging, the subjects have sufficient ability (and ability differences are controlled), feedback is provided to show progress in relation to the goal, rewards such as money are given for goal attainment, the experimenter or manager is supportive, and assigned goals are accepted by the individual.


A word template describing how to set OKRs

The OKR Scorecard from the re:Work site a Google.

An excel template for setting OKRs. It is the same that you can find in the re:Work site at Google



Open Source Projects

Burning OKR


okr2go (as in to go) is a simple tracker for your Objective and Key Results (OKR) that you can use locally just using a Markdown file and thus is available to go.