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Awesome Perl

A curated list of awesome Perl frameworks and libraries. Come on Pull Requests!

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Another module list


Rule based validator on type constraint system.

Simple, compact and correct param-checking functions.

Validate method/function parameters.


Interface to libcdaudio (cd + cddb)

Modules for reading & writing Microsoft WAV files.



Class Builder

Simple Prototype-based object system.


Micro Objects. Mo is less.


Class builder supporting meta programming.

The one and only, Moose.

Yet another class builder like Moo/Moose.

A class builder that is terse, fast, and tiny.


Write command line apps with less suffering.

Extended processing of command line options.


Lightweight interface to Amazon CloudFront CDN

Lightweight interface to Amazon S3 (Simple Storage Service)

Interface to the Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) environment.

Perl extension that implements Amazon Simple Email Service (SES) client

Commercial WebServices

Interface to Xero accounting

A simple interface to the Spotify Web API

Access Xero Accounting Package Public and Private Application API

object representing acess to a particular Shopify store


Data Format


Relational Databases

NoSQL Databases

Date & Time


Talk to modem devices conneted via serial port

Control Onkyo/Integra AV equipment via LAN or Serial

DevOps Tools


Event Loops


Simpler, faster, newer AnyEvent API

the DBI of event loop programming


Uses libev, very fast and popular. Default for AnyEvent if present

Works well, but older

Asynchronous event-driven programming


Common interface for several event loops

Exception Handling

Replace functions with ones that succeed or die with lexical scope

A module that allows you to declare real exception classes in Perl

a role for classes that can be thrown

minimal try/catch with proper preservation of [email protected]

first class try catch semantics for Perl, without source filters

File Manipulation

Easy, versatile, portable file handling.

Simple object-oriented file manipulation.

Form Frameworks

Easily generate and process stateful forms.

A sensible way to handle form based user interface.

A toolkit to build Data centric Forms.

HTML Form Creation, Rendering and Validation Framework.

ExtJS form generation from HTML::FormFu config files.

Lightweight, flexible form builder with validation and filtering.

Simple and extendable module that allows developers to handle HTML form input validation and display flexibly and consistently.


An object-oriented interface to ImageMagick's image composing libraries.

List Manipulation

Tie-able array that allows only unique values

Combines List::Util, List::SomeUtils and List::UtilsBy in one bite-sized package

Compare elements of two or more lists

Provides functions for generating lists

Provide the stuff missing in List::Util

Provide the stuff missing in List::Util

A selection of general-utility list subroutines

higher-order list utility functions


Module Development


Decodes and encodes DOCSIS config files

Run commands remotely using the OpenSSH client.

Run remote commands in parallel using the OpenSSH client.

Run remote commands using any module or binary client available.

Run Perl code on remote machines.


Package Management

Processes and Threads

Minimalistic supervisor, a Perl port of foreman


Very light profiler for I/Os such as HTTP request-responses and SQL queries.


Faster HTTP(S) Client

Minimal and fast client. Included in the standard packages.

Send and recieve DHCP packets



REST Frameworks

A plugin for writing RESTful apps with Dancer2

A plugin for writing RESTful apps with Dancer

a REST API micro framework for Perl

A Camping-inspired Web Microframework for Perl

Template Engines

TT2/3, HT, HTE, Tmpl, and Velocity Engine

Very Popular Template Processing System

Fast, simple and safe template engine written in pure-Perl and core modules.

Faster template engine with XS. Supports multiple syntaxes.

Generic interface for template engines. It makes it easy to use multiple template engines.

Magic merger of runtime values with templates.

Testing Frameworks

A Data Driven Testing Framework

Implementation of the popular Cucumber framework in Perl

Class-based testing. Support "setup" and "teardown".

Test deep and complex data structures with great flexibility.

Run Perl standard test scripts with statistics

simple, flexible, fun "Testing framework"

Test Double



ack is a tool like grep, optimized for programmers.

Post to various pastebins from the CLI

Colored pretty-print of Perl data structures and objects.

Read-eval-print-loop(REPL) command-line tool.

Static site generator using markdown and git mainly for blogging.

Comments that do more than just sit there.

Simplfy some common tasks in Perl.

Framework for the daily business scripts.

Handy toolbox of things to ease development/debugging.

Read/Write .ini style files with as little code as possible


Interface to FFmpeg, a video converter written in C

Retrieve video properties such as: height width codec fps

Web Frameworks

Overflowing with features. Very popular.

Official site](

Web application framework for mod_perl, cgi, etc.

A Web framework with simple interface.

a modern Perl web framework for Mason developers


Preforked Plack Handler for performance freaks

PSGI server implementation and utilities for Web applications.

Process manager with the "graceful restart" feature.

High-performance PSGI Server

High-performance preforking PSGI/Plack web server

Event-driven PSGI application server

Web Frameworks-Like

Building dynamic Websites with Perl (sort of like Perl crossed with PHP)

Powerful, high-performance templating for the web and beyond

Web Scraping

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