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Awesome Pixel Art

Curated list of everything awesome around pixel art.

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Pixel Logic is an in-depth pixel art tutorial book.

Walks you step-by-step through the available tools, pixel art techniques, the importance of shapes, colors, shading, and how to turn your art into animation.


Play as Yoshi carrying Baby Mario, platforming through a dangerous world. The painted feel and soft pastel colors create an hearth-warming handmade style that breathes the charm of a childrenโ€™s book.


Explore a 2D retrofuturistic world by rotating in the third dimension. The minimalistic style, bright vibrant colors and dynamic lighting bring the 16-bit era into the future.

Laid back adventure in a bronze age mountain wilderness. Dreamy soft colors in a living world affected by moon phases.

Classic action adventure with an 8-bit retro aesthetic, taking the looks of a modern NES game.

Explore a detailed steampunk world in the clouds. With it's range of endearing animations and expressions the world and it's characters come to life.

Manage a farm from a top-down perspective and engage with a charming and cheerful world in 16-bit.

Travel across vibrant, colorful and expansive galaxies, including creative dynamic animations.

Shoot giant pieces of space rock into black holes, using gravitational fields, physics-defying walls and wormholes in a minimalist top-down view.


A collection of Sean Browning's pixel animations, ranging from simple scenes to recreations of popular shows like Steven's Universe and RWBY.

Paul Veer, a professional pixel artist with work on games such as Super Crate Box, shares his interest in pixel art as well as his workflow and style breakdown.

Creative videos & streams including tips, discussions and tutorials.


Collection of color palettes for pixel art with examples and artist information.


German, pixel art group founded in 1997 by Kai Vermehr, Steffen Sauerteig and Svend Smital. They are regarded as the โ€œGodfathers of Pixel Artโ€.

Australian, creating cute, sometimes cosmic and psychedelic, and sometimes weird nightmarish pixel art.

Japanese, girlish style using bright and organic color palletes creating cute humans and animals.

Australian, dark and mature: fan of knights, dinosaurs, pirates, epic beasts, anatomy and history as well as everything twisted and weird.

Australian, capturing small animated scenes of everyday life in unsaturated colors.

American, game designer with tons of material, game specific knowledge and mini-tutorials.



Paid and source-available, works on Linux, macOS and Windows. Awesome UI with a lot of nifty tools to ease pixel art creation.

Paid, works on macOS and iOS. Superb OS integration, create pixel art on a tablet using pressure-sensitive drawing.

Paid with trial, works on Windows. Advanced features tailored to creating pixel art for games.

Open source and free, works on Linux, macOS and Windows. Not specifically for creating pixel art but is more than capable to do so.


Open source and free, works on Linux, macOS and Windows. Minimalist and keyboard driven with animation support.