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Awesome Progressive Web Apps

A collection of awesome resources for building progressive web apps

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Last Update: March 1, 2021, 3:09 a.m.

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Must Reads

A deep dive into progressive web apps, service workers, push notifications, background sync, IndexedDB, offline first and much more.

Learning Resources

A collection of awesome resources for learning Service Workers

2y 4m

A step-by-step guide to building a progressive web apps using the app shell pattern.

Browser Support

Up-to-date browser support table of ServiceWorker API.

Current status of ServiceWorker support in different browsers.


A quick dive into the most common technologies and techniques for building progressive web apps.

This free Udacity course by Google covers intro to PWAs, service workers and web app manifests.

An introduction to progressive web apps by Alex Russell and Andreas Bovens.

Case Studies

Building and launching a progressive web app using web components, Polymer, and material design.

AliExpress increases conversion rate for new users by 104% with new progressive web apps.

United eXtra Electronics grows eCommerce sales by 100% with Web Push Notifications.

Push Notifications help Jumia reverse cart abandonment and increase conversions by 9X.

Konga cuts data usage 92% with new Progressive Web App.

Japan's top real estate site supercharges new listings with web Push Notifications and sees a 31% open rate for notifications.

Sample Progressive Web Apps

A showcase of several progressive web apps, collected by the Opera Dev Relations team.

SVGOMG is SVGO's Missing GUI, aiming to expose the majority, if not all the configuration options of SVGO.

Service Workers

A collection of awesome resources for learning Service Workers

2y 4m

CacheStorage API

Background Sync

A design and spec for ServiceWorker-based background synchronization


A gentle introduction to background sync, along with some great videos and code samples.

Push Notifications

Up-to-date browser support table of Push API.

Up-to-date getting started tutorial for Progressive Web App, Push Notifications and service worker basics.


API docs, key concepts, and sample code from Mozilla.

Installable Web Apps

An intro to App Install Banners and making sure Chrome offers your web app to your users.

App Icons

A great way to generate all the images, favicons, and associated files needed to display your app icon across different browsers.

Web Share APIs

Web API proposal for sharing data from a web page


Web API proposal for receiving shared data


Awesome Performance

Google's performance learning portal, containing a wealth of knowledge on optimizing your web apps for perfomance.

A free Udacity course on optimizing websites for speed.

A free Udacity course helping you create web apps that maintain jank-free 60fps performance.

A new pattern for structuring and serving Progressive Web Apps, with an emphasis on performance.

Understand how HTML, JavaScript and CSS is handled by the browser, and how to optimize your page accordingly.