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Awesome Quantified Self

Websites, Resources, Devices, Wearables, Applications, and Platforms for Self Tracking

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Websites and Resources

Self surveillance and quantification news.

Biohacker community with "stacks" of famous scientists.

Awesome list of wearables available per body part.

Nice crowd-sourced table of wearables.

IoT and Quantified Self device list.

Quantified Self research and innovation projects.

Articles & Blogs

Stephen Wolfram explores the data he has collected on the use of his time.

Personal experiment in self-quantification and self-optimization.

Social data aggregation, lifelogging, Quantified Self and digital legacy.

Follow one guy's quest for self knowledge, betterment, and optimization through experimentation and personal analytics.

Quantified Self, lifelogging, journaling, education.

Quantified Self posts on Medium.

Quantified Self articles on Venture Beat.

Quantified Self articles on

Esoteric blog which includes blinded self-experiments & Quantified Self analyses amongst other topics.

Writing about Quantified Self, owning the data and building the infrastrucure



Ted talk by Gary Wolf on the Quantified Self movement.

Lauren Costantini explores what it means to be human in the age of the Quantified Self.

A keynote by Chris Dancy ("the Most Connected Man on Earth") in which he explores how technology helped him become a better person by paying attention to the data he collected about his life.


Outdoor fitness activity tracker (iOS & Android).

Sport and health statistics tracker (iOS & Android).

Running, cycling, and fitness GPS tracker (iOS & Android).

Athletic activity tracking and social network.

Track workouts, strength training and other fitness exercise (iOS, Web)

Places & Travel

Travel tracking, automated integrations with many platforms listed here (Web).

Point of interest auto-checkins via GPS (iOS & Android).


Track your movements and places visited via GPS (iOS).

Aggregators & Dashboards

Personalized health and wellness action plans using wearables & A/B testing.

Multi-purpose tracking platform for Apple devices. Tracks activities, sleep, nutrition, mindfulness, and other metrics.

Open ecosystem to store, access, and manage fitness data (Android).

Quantified Self health dashboard (web, iOS, & Android).

Track everything in one place (web, iOS & Android).

Store, aggregate and visualize your data from multiple 3rd party sources (web).

Cloud-based platform that connects patient-recorded data from digital health applications, devices, and wearables.

Joins health and fitness data into a single centralized platform.

Smartphone IoT platform for automation and data collection.

Dashboard for health and fitness data (web).

Export Apple Health data into CSV table format (iOS).


Automation and event triggering app (Android).

Powerful automation app (iOS).

If this then that

Trigger actions connecting more than 1000 apps together.

Data Collection

Automated data entry through email or text questions.

Tracking app that collects data through random surveys (iOS).

Quantified self and lifelogging app to track the things you've done (iOS).

Daily questionaires and automatically generated wellness insights (iOS).


Food tracking and diet plan app (iOS & Android).

Calorie counter and diet tracker for weight loss (iOS & Android).

Nutritional database and calorie counting app (iOS & Android).

Food, activity, and biometric tracker (iOS & Android).

A simple fasting tracker used for intermittent, circadian rhythm, and custom fasting (iOS & Android).

Fasting tracker (iOS & Android).

Image based food logging app powered by computer vision (iOS & Android).

Record Caffeine intake, with database inside & Apple Health sync. (iOS)


Web-based goal setting and tracking software (iOS & Android).

Online goal tracking platform.

Goal tracking with a monetary commitment.

Goal tracking with a monetary commitment. Integrates with many devices and apps.

OS X only] - Create beautiful task lists and outlines.


Complete your real life daily goals in a role play game (previously called HabitRPG).

Premium habit tracker.

App to track your goals, habits and projects with SMART goal setting (Web, iOS).

Create good habits, break bad ones, build a better you (iOS).

The to-do list that helps you form good habits (iOS).

Smart task lists with real-time cross-platform syncing and team collaboration. ![Freeware][freeware icon]

Habits and daily goals tracker with flexible scheduling, reminders and data export (iOS).

Simple and beautiful habit tracker for the Web, iOS and Android. Has a web extension to add it to your browser's new tab.


Alcohol consumption tracking and BAC calculation app that offers various statistics regarding your drinking behavior (Android).

Health self tracking and collaborative network.

Symptom journal and health tracker (iOS).


Touchless heart rate monitor (iOS).

Fast and accurate mobile heart rate monitor (iOS, Android, Windows).

Track Heart Rate Variability, Stress, and other contextual data points using your smartphone camera and receive personalized advice to optimize your health and training (iOS, Android).

Media Consumption

Lets users track and rate books and network with other readers (Web, iOS, Android).

Searchable cross-browser history database that can be exported as HTML (MacOS).

Track the music you listen to by scrobbling via desktop and mobile apps or by connecting to music services (Web, iOS, Android).

Automatically track TV & movies you're watching (Web, Media Players).

Lets you save articles to read later (Web, iOS, Android).

Photo tracking with visualizations, analytics and auto-tagging using machine learning (iOS, Android).

Word count tracker for writers (Mac).

Lets you log, aggregate and export your podcast listening history (Web).

Mind & Cognition

Scientifically proven tools for the assessment of cognitive function.

Tests and experiments to quantify cognitive abilities.


Keep track of your daily mood & activities (Android).

Capture your day without writing down a single line. Exportable data with Premium Version. (iOS & Android).

Capture your feelings with a modifiable smiling or frowning face. Exportable data. (iOS and Apple Watch).

One of the oldest moodtrackers available online. Rate your mood and share to support. Exportable data. Sync and extend via API (Web, iOS, Android).

Track your moods with colors. (Web only).

Mood Tracking on a 10-point scale from Really great to Couldn't be worse. Exportable data. (Android, iOS, Apple Watch).

Journaling to captures Thoughts, Moods, and Interests with the goal of helping you reflect and find perspective. (iOS).

Quick track your mood as good, okay or bad. Specify feelings using a word cloud. No data export option. (iOS, Apple Watch).


Full featured sleep tracker with wearable integration (Android).

Smart alarm and sleep tracker (iOS & Android).

Intelligent alarm clock and sleep tracker (iOS & Android).

Track your sleep from your Apple Watch or iPhone (iOS).

Automatically tracks your sleep via your Apple Watch (iOS).


Privately track events in your life (iOS & Android).

Multi-purpose tracking platform (Android).

Track all of your daily activities automatically (iOS & Android).


Time tracker and employee timesheet software (iOS & Android).

Android time tracker (Android).

Awesome time tracking app (iOS).

Personal analytics service that shows you how you spend your time and provides tools to help you be more productive.

Automatic time and project tracking, timesheets, invoicing, and real-time productivity feedback.

Automatic time and productivity tracking for Mac. Helps you stay on track with your work and ensures no billable hours get lost if you are billing hourly.

Precise time tracker for Android (Android).

Automatic time tracking software which tracks computer usage (Windows).

The to-do list that helps you form good habits (iOS).

Track time spent on iPhone and iPad (iOS).

Tracks the passage of time since something happened (iOS, Apple Watch).

Open source automated time tracker (Mac, Windows, Linux, Android).

Minimalistic time tracker with smart functions and nice design (iOS).

Time-tracking for VS Code, Atom, Sublime Text, and other editors


Double-entry accounting system with a command-line reporting interface


Manage your money, pay your bills and track your credit score.

Financial software and wealth management.

Personal and small-business financial-accounting software.

Lean and reputable credit score tracker.

Personal home budget software.

Devices and Wearables

Awesome activity tracking wearables to track steps, heart rate, quality of sleep, and other personal metrics.

Fitness trackers for a healthier you.

Activity tracking and connected devices.

Wearable tracking devices.

Smart watches that works with your mobile device.

Connected cycling, running, and fitness devices.

Awesome biometric shirts.

Athletic performance monitoring.

Fitness and other health oriented tracking.

Activity and gym workout trackers.

Activity tracker that determines stress and focus levels by measuring breathing.

Highly-accurate sleep (and activity) tracker worn on the finger that measures HR, HRV, temperature, and movement.

Smart and hackable wearable, compatible with special T-shirts and chest straps.

FOSS fitness tracker app for use with a wide variety of wearables.

Consumer-grade EEG used to monitor and optimize sleep; it also has pulse oxymeter, bone conduction audio, accelerometer and sonometer.

Research and Analysis

Genetic testing and analysis.

Data sharing and project collaboration.

Software to organize and analyze your genomic data.

Genetic information for fitness and nutrition.

Genetic testing for ancestry, family history and genealogy.

Microbiome sequencing startup.

Science-based blood analytics for performance and health.

Blood analysis and health checkup.

Health data integration platform.

DNA imputation and scientific research.

Genetic testing for health, drug interactions, fitness and nutrition.

Comprehensive genetic report from on self-uploaded genetic data.

Open Source Projects

An Open-Source Platform for Quantified Self & IoT


A quantified-self app that tracks various fitness & productivity metrics.

1y 12d

Fluxtream Web Application and Core Modules

4y 7m

A goal, task & habit tracker + personal dashboard to focus on what matters


Quantified Self Personal Data Aggregator and Data Analysis


Curated List of Biomarkers, Blood Tests, and Blood Tracking

1y 7m

Open source health data integration tools.

An open sourced app for tracking supplements and habits