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Awesome Quantum Computing

A curated list of awesome quantum computing learning and developing resources.

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A collection of Jupyter notebooks showing how to use the Qiskit SDK


Tutorials and programming exercises for learning Q# and quantum computing


Interactive learning for quantum gate computing by David Kemp.

Easy to understand, step by step introduction to quantum computing concepts.

Background information on the photonic continuous-variable approach to quantum computation, as well as tutorials for Xanadu’s SDK.

Demos and educational resources as well as access to D-Wave's quantum computer.

Short tutorials providing a gentle introduction to quantum computing and IBM Q.

Notes of Caltech's Quantum Computation Course Physics 219/Computer Science 219 by John Preskill.

Worked examples on quantum algorithm problems.

Comprehensive catalog of quantum algorithms.

Hands on Stanford course teaching quantum computing to those without a quantum mechanical background.

3D quantum state visualisation tool able to simulate up to 22 qubits.

Essay introducing quantum computing by Michael Nielsen and Andy Matuschak.

Four qubit photonic quantum simulator and computer.

Explanation of quantum machine learning algorithms.

Browser-based drag-and-drop quantum circuit simulator that reacts, simulates, and animates in real-time.

Introductory web class on quantum computing principles designed for high school students.


Explanations through problems. Curated along with Microsoft and Alphabet X.

Series of lecture notes on the MIT quantum information sciences course.

Introductory course on quantum cryptography and how to run quantum programs.

Understanding the D-Wave Quantum Annealer architecture along with a few practical tasks.

Learn how quantum communication provides security that is guaranteed by the laws of nature.

Foundational course on quantum information and computation.

Learn about the benefits quantum technologies can provide to machine learning.

Conceptual introduction to the fundamental principles of quantum mechanics.

A subtle introduction to computation, the math behind it and its quantum counterparts followed by in-depth discussion of a few quantum algorithms.

Learn the principles and promises behind developments in quantum computers and quantum internet and how they will impact our future.

Introduction to the key concepts of quantum computing with minimal mathematics.

Development Tools

Quantum Computer Library for Everyone


A python framework for creating, editing, and invoking Noisy Intermediate Scale Quantum (NISQ) circuits.


A Python toolkit for quantum neural networks.

1y 11m

A Python library for quantum programming using Quil.


Qiskit (Quantum Information Science Kit) for JavaScript

1y 5m

A modern C++11 quantum computing library


Qurry is a prototype for a quantum probabilistic programming language. It incorporates many aspects of functional programming (Haskell, Clojure), but also takes standard design philosophies from C++, Python, and other "traditional" languages. [category: quantum]

1y 32d

Rapid development of novel quantum algorithms


Fully managed service providing a development environment to run quantum circuits on quantum simulators and computers.

Online quantum composer to run experiments on real quantum computing hardware.

D-Wave's SDK for developing on their quantum computers using Python.

Zapata Computing's unified quantum operating environment, allowing for quantum-enabled workflows.

Framework for implementing quantum computing in Python.

Python module for interfacing with Cambridge Quantum Computing's t|ket>; a tool for circuit optimising and qubit allocation.


Older, C like language for quantum computers. Only has a simulator and debugger.

Software development kit by IBM for writing and running quantum algorithms on simulators and real hardware.

High performance LGPL-licensed C++ quantum simulator library, documentation, and test code.

Web based quantum programming IDE and simulator.

Embedded, scalable, functional programming language for quantum computing.

Quantum toolbox in Python for simulating dynamics of open quantum systems.


Microsoft quantum development kit and Q# programming language.

A hardware agnostic platform and interface allowing for focus on development rather than specific hardware solution building.


About quantum computing and computing in general by Craig Gidney - a member of Google Quantum Computing Team.

By the QuTech institution, sharing their research and daily life.

Quantum algorithms explained to data scientists with visualisations.

Interesting posts on quantum computation, by James Wootton.

Official blog of Microsoft Quantum team.

Personal blog of Michał Stęchły, includes many articles for people starting to learn about quantum computing.

All about quantum computation from the Qiskit community team.

Snippets on the latest quantum computing news.

By the Quantum Institute for Quantum Information and Matter, sharing behind the scenes research insights.

A weekly correlation of all things quantum - computing, cryptography, entanglement.

Covers the latest news in quantum computing as well as QC companies and careers.

Official blog of Q# dev team.

Scott Aaronson's thoughts on quantum computing matters.

Outlet for the latest news in quantum computing, presenting articles for both research scientists and the curious Sunday newspaper reader.


Introduction to fundamentals of classical and quantum computing.

How quantum computing works and how it can change the world.

Easy to advanced quantum computing and information problems with detailed solutions.

Hands-on introduction to quantum computing that focuses on concepts and programming examples (in multiple languages).

Comprehensive textbook for those with some prior knowledge in mathematics, computer science and physics.

A hands on introduction into quantum computing that explains the foundations of quantum computing to the mathematics behind quantum systems.

Explains quantum computing with only basic college maths knowledge needed.

Conversational approach to explaining quantum computing with worked solutions.

Quantum computing explained using an approach accessible to undergraduate computer science students.

Explains quantum computing through the lens of its practical implementation.

Popular Science


Youtube channel focusing on quantum computing topics and general technology.

Qiskit series exploring the value and use of quantum circuits through a lecture series by academics and industry researchers.

YouTube video series showing how to write quantum algorithms.

The why and how of quantum programming with a focus on the Python Forest SDK from Rigetti.

Microsoft Research Talk on introductory quantum computing for computer scientists. Duration: 1 hour, 28 minutes.

Understand how quantum computing can help scientists solve some of the world's most challenging problems such as land optimisation.


IBM Q Community page with list of upcoming events and latest programs.

Slack Channel for Qiskit and quantum computing discussions.

Discussion about the book Quantum Computation and Quantum Information.

Discussion forum for quantum machine learning, both using simulations and on near term hardware.

Slack channels for discussion of quantum computing.

Question and answer site for quantum computing.

Community for discussion of many quantum computing topics.

Quantum Programming Chat on matrix, language agnostic, expertise not required.

Community contributed libraries, projects, and demos for the Q# language.

Slack Channel for Rigetti and quantum computing discussions.

Slack channel for Xanadu and Strawberry Fields photonic/CV quantum computing discussions.


Interviews with key quantum computing figures, aimed at the lay person.

Podcast by Ethan Hansen covering three main topics: the basics of quantum computing, interviews and the latest news.