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Awesome Service Workers

A collection of awesome resources for learning Service Workers

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Must Reads

Service Workers

1y 57d

A hands-on guide and reference for service workers, caching strategies, push notifications, and more. Everything you need to build a modern progressive web app.

Learning Resources

An infographic to summarize the most important parts of the Service Workers' API

4y 8m

A general introduction to service workers and using UpUp to provide offline functionality in minutes.

A fascinating look at design and UX considerations for dealing with various states of connectivity.


Browser Support

Up-to-date browser support table of ServiceWorker API.

Current status of ServiceWorker support in different browsers.

Libraries and Tools

[Deprecated] A collection of service worker tools for offlining runtime requests

2y 27d

[Deprecated] A node module to generate service worker code that will precache specific resources so they work offline.

2y 4m

A popular service worker library providing complete offline functionality for your site in 1 line of code.

Generate a web app manifest, required for push notifications and installable web apps.

A service worker helper library to retry offline Google Analytics requests when a connection is available.

a set of libraries and Node modules that make it easy to cache assets and take full advantage of features used to build progressive web apps.


A quick dive into the most common technologies and techniques for building progressive web apps.

Explains how to structure your web app to optimize load time for initial and return visitors, and cover helpful service worker libraries that minimize the amount of boilerplate code you'll have to write.

Case Studies

A case-study about how Google I/O 2015 web app was built.

One of the most significant benefits of service workers (from a performance perspective, at least) is their ability to proactively control the caching of assets. A web application that can cache all of its necessary resources should load substantially faster for returning visitors. But what do these gains actually look like to real users? And how do you even measure this?

Related Technologies

A collection of awesome resources for building progressive web apps

3y 8m