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A curated list of awesome programmers and software projects you can support!

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Open Source Projects

2]( - Linux application for UI and UX design.

Keyboard launcher written in C++/Qt.

3D game engine for Blender.

3D creation suite.

Online decompiler and compiler explorer.

Improving Linux support for (non-Wacom) graphics tablets.

2]( - An installable catalogue of FOSS applications for the Android platform.

Parametric 3D modeler made primarily to design real-life objects of any size.

A free, federated and social music server.

Cross-platform 2D game engine.

Package manager for macOS.

D&D tabletop role-playing game combat tracker.

2]( - An alternative web front-end to YouTube.

macOS terminal replacement.

Open Source application platform for creating Spring Boot + Angular/React/Vue projects in seconds.

2]( - Kismet wireless tool.

Automatic normal/specular/occlussion/parallax map generator for 2D game sprites.

Replacement dock for Plasma desktops.

Software to develop printed circuit boards.

Cheap, easy, self-hosted clouds for everyone.

2]( - Federated social network server.

2]( - An open network for secure, decentralized communication.

Federated microblogging platform.

Music notation software.

Painting and drawing program that works nicely with pressure-sensitive tablets, and its dynamic brush engine library.

Native mobile applications with NativeScript and Vue.

Vim-fork focused on extensibility and usability.

Web interface for 3D printers.

Tools for testing NixOS.

High quality video editing and compositing software.


Modal code editor.

2]( - Video recording and live streaming software.

Tools for building information modeling.

Real time strategy game engine.

Personal document manager.

Personal storage system.

PHPUnit and related projects.

2]( - Decentralized secure instant messaging software.

2](, #3, #4 - Federated image sharing powered by the ActivityPub protocol.

A free & open-source 2D sprite editor, made with the Godot Engine.

UML diagram creation software.

2]( - ActivityPub-based link aggregation software.

Remote desktop client.

A distributed and secure peer-to-peer protocol and social network.

Screen capture and screen sharing tool.

2D animation software.

System V init implementation.

Android terminal emulator.

A 2D game level editor.

2]( - Statically typed compiled programming language similar to Go, influenced by Oberon, Rust, Swift.

Help support the teams ongoing development efforts.

Desktop environment for UNIX-like operating systems.


System programming language which prioritizes robustness, optimality, and clarity.


JavaScript charts library.

Loads 40+ 3D file formats into one unified and clean data structure for game-developers.

Immediate Mode Graphical User interface for C++.

JavaScript 3D engine.

User interface toolkit.

Game development framework.

Progressive microservices framework for Node.js.

The Musl libc project.

Cross-platform application framework.

Web framework delivered as a C extension for PHP.

Standard library for JavaScript and Node.js with an emphasis on scientific computing.

JavaScript library for building interactive tables.

A server-less Python framework.

Operating Systems

MS-DOS compatible operating system.

Desktop-focused BSD OS.

2]( - Fork of CyanogenMod.

Security-related Debian distribution.

A reasonably secure operating system.

A free Windows-compatible Operating System

#2 - Ubuntu variant for creating audio, video, graphics etc.

2]( - Touch-friendly mobile version of Ubuntu.


People Doing Open Source Work

2]( - GIMP contributor, editor of Libre Graphics World online magazine.

FOSS graphics driver work (Panfrost) and contributions to several other projects.

Open source software enthusiast.

Developer of PhotoFlow image editor, maintains various Appimage packages.

Programming tutorials, games and mods.

KDE contributor, mainly KDE Partition Manager.

Shared Media Tagger, Open Translation Engine, and many more projects.

Emulators & game preservation.

Contributor to Flarum and other PHP projects.

Working on improving the Internet.

2]( - Working on tooling for the Go programming language.

Creator of Uncomplicate, a family of Clojure libraries for AI, ML, and GPU high performance computing.

2](, #3 - sway, wlroots,, scdoc, aerc, and more.

Tools for animations and motion pictures production.

Games, applications and articles.

Various JavaScript libraries and tools.

Nethack, GPSd, author of "The Cathedral and the Bazaar".

Working on PyDev and related projects.

Creates Home Assistant add-ons and helps out on the main project.

Projects in the IndieWeb sphere, Koype and contributions to other open source projects.

Creates C++ libraries and standards proposals.

git-annex, keysafe, other Linux software.

Bootstrap JavaScript developer and various plugins and projects.

Various C++ libraries, tools, articles.

Contributor to projects such as GIMP, OpenSimulator, KiCad and TinyScheme.

Syncthing-GTK and SC-Controller.

2]( - FreeCAD contributor and Debian packager.

Creator of Homebrew, maintainer of PromiseKit and a multitude of other project for Apple platforms.

Contributor to Weblate and phpMyAdmin.

Windows drivers for the Sony DualShock controller and others.

Download Them All! Firefox and Chrome extension.

Sculpting improvements for Blender.

Owner of Objective-See, various macOS security tools and articles.

Python Tutor and (articles/podcasts/vlogs).

Xi editor and other Rust projects.

Maintaining and developing software such as cperl, parrot, a lot of perl5 modules, safeclib and libredwg.

Working on Toybox, mkroot and various other projects.

2]( - Linux ports of games, game-related utilities.

2]($Mowglii) - Mowglii apps, author of Itsycal and Snk.

Contributor to Marlin Firmware for 3D printers.

Countless open source projects.

C++ libraries such as uvw and EnTT.

MELPA lisp package archive and other software tooling.

2]( - PulseAudio sound server contributor.

Working on Inkscape vector graphics editor.

2]( - FreeCAD contributor.

2]( - Lead developer of babl & GEGL libraries used in the graphics editor GIMP.

Articles and Tutorials

Various programming tutorials.

Programming tutorials for kids.

Reviews and tutorials for Linux/BSD.

Author of the "You Don't Know JS" book series. Doing articles, podcasts and OSS contributions.

LLVM/Swift related articles.


Educational videos on machine learning & AI.

Programming, devops, and electronics videos.

JavaScript and general programming videos.

2](, #3 - Programming videos.

Programming and security videos.


Podcast for C++ developers.

Linux discussion and news related podcast.

Future of Coding is a community, podcast, and research project organized by Steve Krouse.

Linux News Podcast, 2-3 times more topics per episode than other podcasts.

Open Source Art

Various contributions to open source animation tools and animated shorts sources released under CC.

2](, #3 - 2D animation film project to be released under CC. GIMP contributions from Jehan Pagès, art and direction by Aryeom Han.

Hardware related

Electric vehicle projects.

JavaScript interpreter for microcontrollers.

FPGA and other hardware projects.

Pinout diagrams for various microcontrollers.