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Awesome Wardley Maps

Wardley maps community hub. Useful Wardley mapping resources

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You know Simon Wardley's medium posts on his Wardley Mapping technique? This is an AsciiDoc of them.

2y 52d

Mapas de Wardley. El uso de la inteligencia topográfica en la estrategia empresarial.

A Wiki Encyclopedia dedicated to the strategy mapping techniques pioneered by Simon Wardley.

A step-by-step guide to creating and using Wardley Maps by E. Alex Hudson. PDF/iPad/Kindle.

Sun Tzu, Boyd & Wardley on situational awareness, OODA "Loops" and Wardley mapping by Erik Schön. PDF/Paperback.


Talks by Simon Wardley and the Wardley mapping community.

Over 10 hours of presentations by 17 speakers.

Watch presentations and video recordings on InfoQ.


Learn how to stimulate future ideas and strategies with the Leading Edge Forum.

Video chapter summaries of Simon Wardley's book, 15-minute introductory course, and a quick reference.


Maps in the Wild

What is the best way to introduce Wardley Mapping to different groups? Jul 22, 2020.

It is important to understand the need and outcome. It is vital to understand the value desired. Jul 17, 2020.

How to use Wardley mapping to increase resilience using personal security as an example. Jun 18, 2020.

Analyse eines ERP-Systems mit Wardley Maps und strategischem Domain-driven Design. Jun 2, 2020.

Gameplay, fractal patterns, feedback loops, doctrine. May 9, 2020.

Applying Wardley maps to personal blog user needs. Apr 20, 2020.

The RSF Map and Mapping Kit build upon Simon Wardley's maps. Retrieved Mar 30, 2020.

Looking across teams and strata in an organisation and the practices used to meet organisational needs like alignment, reporting, etc. Feb 9, 2020.

Wardley mapping shows blockchain is following the same maturity evolution as other mainstream technologies. 28 Jan, 2020.

Using Wardley maps to look at the evolution of the jet engine. Jan 5, 2020.

Because that expert you hired has no magical bullets. Nov 4, 2019.

10,000 feet view of Ethereum's user needs and capabilities. Aug 13, 2019.

Mapping "Who Says Elephants Can't Dance" by Louis Gerstner. Jun 18, 2019.

Mapping the challenges of launching novel payment solutions. Jun 14, 2019.

Understanding the crypto ecosystem through Wardley maps. Jun 2, 2019.

Covers the development of your IT strategy using Wardley Maps to predict the future, understand which methodologies are best suited to developing and delivery information management systems. Download the Wardley map source files used to create the Handbook on IT Strategy. Mar 13, 2019.

Two use cases: giving NSOs access to new sources of (sensitive) Big Data; and enabling Big Data Collaborations Across Multiple NSO. Download Wardley maps slide deck. Mar 12, 2019.

Combines Samo Burja's Empire Theory with a form of mapping similar to that pioneered by Simon Wardley. Jan 2, 2019.

Three ways to think about user needs and user research and how Wardley maps can help us think about where to do user research. Nov 2, 2018.

How to stop the organisation from actively harming itself by focusing on doctrine and spend control. Oct 30, 2018.

Exploring and designing a platform in the renewable energy context. Oct 28, 2019.

Why is a Platforms' Wardley (Value Chain) Map Z-Shaped? Oct 11, 2018.

How can we make best use of technology to support healthcare? Jul 19, 2018.

Context specific maturity models with Wardley maps informed by Cynefin. May 11, 2018.

Using a Wardley map to build a roadmap. Jan 9, 2018.

Pioneer, Settler and Town Planner (Wardley PST). Jan 31, 2017.

Evolution and co-evolution of architectural practice and worth based development. Nov 23, 2016.

Simon Wardley focuses on one of the most important parts of mapping - the anchor. April 11, 2016.

Part 2 Mark Thompson outlines a digital vision to make government a more cohesive, integrated organisation. Oct 9, 2015.

Part 1 Mark Thompson outlines a digital vision to make government a more cohesive, integrated organisation. Oct 9, 2015.

For the newly-appointed executive, to help get you into a position from which you can start to learn and talk about strategy. Aug 21, 2015.

Simon Wardley discusses some of the other tools he uses with mapping. Mar 6, 2015.

Research Papers

A series of position papers published by the Leading Edge Forum. Jun 13, 2018 - Jan 28, 2019.

Mapping - Draw Wardley Maps in seconds using this free online tool


Bringing Wardley Map magic to Jupyter notebooks


Go Wardley maps generator

1y 69d

Note MapScript is built on Observable. Read their Terms of Service. MapScript feature requests. Hosted version available here.

@mapkeep on Twitter, subscribe to the YouTube Channel, or subscribe to the News and Updates blog.

Doctrine Assessement

A very simple tool for visualising how competitive is the company in the light of Simon Wardley's Doctrine.

1y 118d

Commercial Enterprise Platforms


A semi-serious reflection on the problem space of tools for mapping, and an overview of all sorts of mapping tools and techniques.


Wardley Mapping stencils for OmniGraffle software

1y 6m

Figures 8 and 11 from the book by S Wardley to demonstrate drawing Wardley Maps in LaTeX

2y 4m

Wardley mapping palette for yed

4y 11m

How-to guide with animations and a collection of open source Wardley map icons.

Doctrine Assessement

Based on Google Forms and Google Sheets.



Wardley Maps Battle Camp - workshop, rules, cards, materials

1y 26d