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An open source CDN for JavaScript and CSS sponsored by CloudFlare that hosts everything from jQuery and Modernizr to Bootstrap.

CDN provided by upyun.

jQuery CDN โ€“ Latest Stable Versions, powered by MaxCDN.

A state of the art opensource CDN with aggressive content optimization using brotli-11 compression, HTTP/2 server push, better HTTP/2 multiplexing, and more. Supports 100s of libraries and 2000+ WordPress themes already. Easy to use, easy to link and very fast.


Image compression





API Debugging


Git Host


Code Playgrounds

CodePen is a playground for the front end side of the web.

Online Playground for React, Vue, Angular, Preact and more.

Free unlimited public/private hosting with features such as code sharing and real-time collaboration

JS Fiddle is a playground and code sharing site of front end web, support collaboration as well.

Online VS Code IDE for Angular & React.