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Awesome AutoIt

A curated list of awesome UDFs, example scripts, tools and useful resources for AutoIt.

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AutoItMonkey provides an AutoIt interface for working with the Android monkey tool.

4y 11m

Automate a 3270 terminal with AutoIt !

3y 10m

Extensive library to control and manipulate the Windows active directory. Link to the documentation pages.

IUIAutomation MS framework to automate chrome, FF, IE etc.

Creates an access bridge between your application and a Java application. Allowing you to automate some Java applications.

Build your own service with AutoIt code.

Low level control over your wireless LAN.

Imperius AutoIt is an ImperiusGeorge client for mobile test automation that support native Android apps.


The same as above for Google Chrome. Automate the most common tasks in Chrome with the Chrome UDF.

A little less support for automation than IE, but still very good.

Backup or restore your firefox profile, the application searches for the profile in home drive, That will be the one to backup.

This is a auto-login function and login-function-generator for FireFox and the FF.au3.

UDF to control the FireFox Download-Manager (not the download-window).

UDF to control Fox!Box (A Mozilla Firefox extension for the AVM FRITZ!Box) with FF.au3.

UDF to control Screengrab! (FireFox-AddOn) with FF.au3.

Get informations from any HTML (XML) source, without any browser.

IE extended library with some Javascript options.

With this UDF you can check if a specified browser/software is installed and which version is being used.

The same as above for Opera. Automate the most common tasks in Opera with the Opera UDF.

Microsoft Office


Databases and web connections

Data compression

Extensive library that uses a external DLL that must be provided with the script.

MessagePack is an efficient binary serialization format. It lets you exchange data among multiple languages like JSON. But it's faster and smaller.

another UDF for "XStandard XZIP Component".

Encryption and hash

GUI Additions

This UDF can be used to Display bar charts in a window.).

Easily create scrollable sections in your GUI.

A very customisable replacement for MsgBox.

Call a function when an edits content is changed.

Allows the creation of modern, fancy GUI and tray menus with icons and colors.

Provides an easy way for an event to call functions with parameters.

A library that allows a user to skin their application GUI using the Windows .MSstyles files.

Small message GUIs which pop out of the Systray.

A large library that allows skinning of your GUI and to apply custom skins.

Real Vista Aero Glass UDF - you can apply glass effect to your gui.


Create a button for the user to select a color.

This UDF can be used to create a slider with an imagebackground and an image to move.

Easily create and show bar chart and line charts.

Easily create and show bar chart and line charts with GDI+ to take advantage of double-buffering.

Allows you to create a window finder control like the one seen in AutoIt Window Info.

Check/clear parent and child checkboxes in a TreeView.

Create and control native pager controls.

Provides a convenient way to embed hypertext links in a window.


_FB_Tools - manage your FritzBox from Autoit.

Input/Output UDF for interacting with ports (x64 Parallel Port, Keyboard etc.).

UDF for test internet download speed and upload speed.

Communicate with the MAX335 chip using the SPI protocol via the LPT (printer) port.

Information gathering

A general purpose library to get various details about a Windows machine.

Wrapper for the windows packet capture library WinPcap.

A library to access the main functionalities offered by the WinPcap driver.

Internet protocol suite

A UDF for transferring data with URL syntax.

AutoIt binary code version of libcurl with SSL support.

A lightweight library for communicating with IRC servers.

IRC UDF - Updated Version of Chips' IRC UDF.

Fully compliant with RFC 2812 and IRCv3.1, feature-packed with support for SASL authentication.

Bridge to Native Windows JSON plus OO extension for AutoIt.

POP3 library for retrieving email messages. Not compatible with Gmail because it uses SSL.

POP3 UDF According to the 1939 RFC, modified version with Quoted Printable decoder.

A POP3 library that's compatible with Gmail. It uses an external executable that must be supplied with your script.

Push notifications to iPhone, iPod touch or iPad using Prowl (Growl client for iOS).

Powerful and easy-to-use HTTP client for AutoIt based on Curl.au3 and Json.au3.

UDF to support SFTP protocol using PSFTP.

Smtp Mailer That Supports Html And Attachments.

Use the SSH protocol very easily in your code.

Multi client, event-based, able to bind console app to socket.

UPnP - Read and Control your devices in side out.

Access the HTTP protocol for creating GET and POST requests and submitting them with conforming standards, cookies not supported.

Access standard Internet protocols (FTP, Gopher and HTTP). Supports GET/POST requests and cookies.


This is an UDF full of advanced mathematical functions. It allows to work with primes, create number sequences, interpolate, calculate values of functions like Riemann zeta.

Support for different measures of accuracy and 8 ways to resolve tie breaks.

Make calculations with extremely large numbers that AutoIt normally is not able to support.

Converts any decimal number to a fraction. Example: 1.2 to 6/5.

From, to and between positive bases less than 63 (decimals supported).

Convert numerals to a human readable string.

Many functions dealing with prime number generation and calculations.

_ATan2(), _Cosh(), _Frexp(), _Hypot(), _Ldexp(), _Logb(), _Sinh(), _Tanh().


Various operations on images, such as rotate, resize, flip.

Real OCR in AU3 - MODI with MS Office 2003.

Print text in any font, size and colour at any position on the page, draw lines, curves, elipses, pies in any colour, and print images.

RTF_Printer.au3 - Printing RichEdit in the background.

Adds support for joysticks, CDs, 2D graphics, timers. See SDL website for more information.

Graphics and image

A 3D graphics engine suitable for creating games.

Another UDF bringing Irrlicht and au3 together. Historically some kind of a follower of the UDF above, technically with a complete different approach.

This is an UDF for reading info from JPEG, TIFF, BMP, PNG and GIF - size, color depth, resolution.

OpenGL without external libraries etc. For JPEG files UDF also retreive various Exif information.



Sound and Music via wrappers for Bass, BassEnc, Bass FX, BassSFX, BassAsio and BassCd DLLs.

UDF for libZPlay - multimedia library for playing mp3, mp2, mp1, ogg, flac, ac3, aac, oga, wav and pcm files and streams.


Make your own PDF Viewer GUI with Acrobat Reader ActiveX COM Object "AcroPDF.PDF.1"

A collection of functions to display PDF files in your applications using Debenu PDF Viewer SDK.

A collection of functions for Debenu Quick PDF Library.

Automation of PDFCreator allows you to create and manipulate PDF files.

UDF for PDFCreator v1.x.x with working EVENTs Handler.

Write a string to a PDF file and specify font size, type etc.


Social Media and other Website API

An AutoIt UDF to help you upload images using Imgur API.

6y 98d

UDF using the website API for some functions (create projects, add and update files, download translations or integrate localization).

eBay UDF (functions GetItemStatus and GetSingleItem from the "Shopping API").

Google Functions (Suggestions, Definitions, Translate, Convert).

With this UDF you can simply update your no-ip hostname(s) and retrive the ip address of an no-ip address.

Skype4COM provides an ActiveX interface to the Skype API.


This UDF exposes most of the useful Magnifier API functions available since Windows Vista.

Interact with processes in Windows, run a process and get both the output and exit code in a single function call!

Create Startup entries in the Startup Folder or Registry.

Systems Center Configuration Manager Library.

an UDF for using the Windows Taskplaner / Task Scheduler.

UDF for use with SAPI Automation Object - text-to-speech (TTS) engine

A UDF for manipulating Windows Image Files (.wim) without ImageX.exe.

WRMF - Windows Registry Monitor Call Function.


UDF for the Map datatype in AutoIt

4y 9m

an Appveyor CI library for AutoIt

7y 68d

Micro is a xUnit style testing framework design for use with AutoIt. The goal of Micro is to be easy to use and simple to integrate with continuous integration services.

5y 9m
4y 76d

Store strings locally (at program level) or globally (at OS level) with unique numerical identifiers. This UDF lets you add, find, delete, and query these atoms.

Creates a Code128A/B/C or Creates a Code39 or Code39Extended optimized barcode from supplied data.

BinaryCall UDF - Write Subroutines In C, Call In AutoIt.

Save and restore the entire clipboard contents. Inspired by AHK's ClipboardAll.

Collection of functions to parse command line arguments.

Copy or move files and directories without suspending your script. Retrieve the current state (copied bytes, error code etc.) while copying.

With DDEML UDF one can use an AutoIt script as a DDE client or server.

The Embedded Flat Assembler (FASM) UDF.

Management of Hotkeys UDF, with several advantages over HotkeySet().

Assembles the code to binary machine code and runs it.

LFN UDF - overcome MAX_PATH limit of 256 chars.

Embed DLLs in script and call functions from memory.

Remove the dotted focus lines from buttons, sliders, radios and checkboxes which spoil the look of your GUI.

NotifyIcon UDF (formerly TrayIconEx) - Create, delete and manage self notify icons.

ResourcesEx UDF (up to date with the current AutoIt language syntax v3.3.12.0).

Automatically size controls to fit the text you want to put in them.

TeenyScript is a Superset of AutoIt which makes it more advanced. TeenyScript code are parsed into native AutoiT code.


contains SciTE, wrapped into a single installer with all needed configuration settings and lots of utility programs like AutoIt3Wrapper, SciTEConfig, Tidy, Au3Stripper etc to enhanced SciTE for use with AutoIt3.

a standalone application that was developed to help creating forms (GUIs) for AutoIt3 scripting language. It's included in SciTE4AutoIt3.

a complete IDE for the AutoIt programming language.

Obfuscate your AutoIt script source code & algorithms to protect it against reverse engineering analysis, cracking and decompilation.




There are many tutorials available for AutoIt. This page is an overview of a few known tutorials.

a detailed explanation of what are to be considered the best coding practices within AutoIt. These recommendations are based on accepted coding practices common to a number of other programming languages. You do not need to follow them, but it is recommended that you do.

generally single functions or small pieces of code which can be incorporated into a script to add extra functionality.



Syntax Highlighter

AutoIt Extension for Visual Studio Code

1y 5m

A syntax highlighter written in JavaScript supporting more than 130 languages (including AutoHotkey).

WordPress Plugin) - Added AutoIt since version 1.8.2

WordPress Plugin) - based on GeSHi.

Added AutoIt since version 1.1.0

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