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Awesome Connectivity Data and Reports

Awesome list of connectivity indexes and reports to help you better under who has access to communication infrastructure and on what terms.

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Global Connectivity Indexes

2019) Network Readiness Index covering 121 economies from Portulans Institute

2018) Measures countries against four enablers of mobile internet adoption: Infrastructure, Affordability, Consumer Readiness and Content.

Q4 2018) (2017) Price of Broadband Data (1GB mobile prepaid) as % of GNI per capita.

2020) Index measuring internet connectivity against Availability, Affordability, Relevance and Readiness.

2017) Snapshot of 50 nations’ "Digital Transformation" status measured against Supply, Demand, Experience and Potential.

2010) Interactive infographic tool showcasing the status of broadband deployment worldwide and the regulatory landscape for broadband.

2016) Internet Users by Country, interpolated from ITU, United Nations Population Division, Internet & Mobile Association of India (IAMAI), and World Bank data.

Internet users compiled from Nielsen and ITU statistics.

2017) Composite index based on three pillars, ICT Access, ICT Use, and ICT Skills.

2015) Index developed by Boston Consulting Group looking at the maturity of 85 Internet economies based on three vectors: Enablement, Engagement, and Expenditure.

2018) Index of mobile and fixed broadband speeds from around the world on a monthly basis.

2019) (2018) Index of broadband costs around the world based on fixed line/wireless access.

Connectivity Maps

Steve Song's map of African undersea fibre optic cables.

Map of African terrestrial fibre networks, Creative Commons, Open Data.

Paul Hamilton's map of African terrestrial fibre and microwave networks.

2018) Online of submarine fibre optic cables also available for purchase.

Online map of terrestrial fibre and microwave networks from ITU.

Somewhat dated but still useful map of mobile network coverage on country by country basis.

Interactive 3D map of undersea cables and Hurrican Electric Points of Presence (POPs) and routes.

2019) Most accurate mobile coverage maps available, currently covers Ghana, Nigeria, Rwanda, Uganda, Tanzania, and Zambia.

mobile coverage based on data collected from nperf app.

Periodic Global Connectivity Reports

2019]( (2018)

2019 pdf]( 2018 pdf.



Jun 2020]( (Nov 2019) (Nov 2018) (June 2018).

2019]( (2018) (2017).

2016) Examines the role of information and communication technologies (ICTs) in driving innovation and includes Network Readiness Index.

2016]( - Global E–Government and E-Participation Development Index.

Infographic highlights of nationally representative surveys of ICT access and use by households and individuals in the public domain in 16 developing countries of the Global South.

analysis and comparison of price data for mobile-voice services, mobile data and fixed broadband. Replaces the 'Measuring the Information Society Report'.

Regional Connectivity Reports and Data

Other sources

Feb 2018) Regulatory and policy recommendations to foster mobile broadband coverage in developing countries.

Ranking of popular mobile apps across countries.

Browser market share over time by browser, region, OS.

Various reports on LTE and 5G adoption.

HRSL datasets offering unprecedented accuracy in population mapping.

May 2018) Trends that affect and drive internet uptake globally.

2016) A Framework for Accelerating Internet Access and Adoption.

Interactive map reporting issues that impact the performance of the Internet.

Reasonably up-to-date list of mobile networks around the world and their associated frequencies.