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Awesome Creative Tech Events

A curated list of awesome creative tech events from around the world

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Bimonthly meetup aiming to gather like minded creatives from all backgrounds.

Bimonthly meetup for people who design, write code, draw or like to think about data visualisation.

Monthly meetup in London and other meetups in Cornwall to inspire artists to learn to code, technologists to explore art, and first time coders to get started in fun way that stimulates the senses.

2 day data viz conference. (September)


Camping festival for hackers, artists, geeks, crafters, scientists, and engineers. (July)


For everyone working with, or interested in, interactive and/or digital storytelling.

Meetup for people of all levels interested in all creative aspects of computer programming.

2 day event about design, technology and cool shit. (February)

Europe's largest tech festival. (June)


STRP Festival is one of the largest art & technology (e-culture) festivals in Europe where music, art and technology meet. (April)


The Atelier des Lumiรจres is a digital art centre where immersive exhibitions dedicated to the greatest artists in the history of art and more contemporary creations are projected. (October)

The first parisian event dedicated to advanced creative coding. (November)


Exploring the frontiers of data representation (November)


Diverse community of people interested in the use of computing skills for artistic expression.

Düsseldorf, Berlin and Munich

An affordable event about web design, development, creativity, design and much more with multiple events throughout the year.


The first tech & arts festival of its kind in Germany โชข 4 days of โœ“ talks โœ“ music โœ“ events โœ“ food โœ“ camping - all that and more at a unique venue on the beach! (August)


Electronic music and the digital arts festival. (March)

Conference for offline/online designers, motion designers, thinkers, sound designers, graphic designers, theorists, developers, professionals and students. (April)

Music, creativity & technology. (June)


Festival for art, technology and society. (September)


3 day event for the digital design industry. (October)


4 day themed festival showcasing digital installations across the city. (October)


3 day festival for designers, creative directors, technologists, architects, innovators, artists and scientists interested in humane technology. (June)


Meetup group for anyone interested in creating art using programming languages.


Meetup group for people of all skill levels interested in generative art, machine learning for creative purpose or tech-based art in general.


Electronic music and the digital arts festival. (March)


3 day celebration of the best the world has to offer in design, web development, media and innovation in creative technologies. (April)


Festival for Artists, data designers, creative coders, AI explorers, storytellers, tool & platform developers, and researchers all. (June)

San Francisco

Explores the manifold dimensions of SPACE with an incredible lineup schedule, including nightlife installations and performances, a variety of workshops, and community gathering art+tech salon to close off the Festival. (October)


Whilst most work happens online, every now and then artists, designers, developers and educators get together to advance the p5.js project.


Electronic music and the digital arts festival. (March)

Buenos Aires

Electronic music and the digital arts festival. (March)


Electronic music and the digital arts festival. (December)