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"What can I do about the climate crisis?" Here are 326 things you can do.

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Carbon Reduction


ProForest-protected sugarcane. At 7.6 kg per pair for our wool runners, our process uses 60% less energy than materials used in typical synthetic shoes. We offset the rest, making Allbirds a carbon-neutral business.

sustainable material matrix, No Nationality designs made-to-last clothing primarily with recycled and non-cotton natural materials including hemp, linen, wool, alpaca, and silk.

footprint: working towards carbon neutral, recycled, fair trade, organic, ...)

Consumer Products

various products are palm-oil free. The World Wildlife Fund estimates that 48 football fields worth of rainforest are cut down every minute! It’s estimated that palm oil plantations now cover around 27 million hectares. The forests being clear cut are often habitat for orangutans, who will be completely gone within 5-10 years at this rate.


hot from the haybox — than it would with regular stove preparation ... and you'll save heat energy at the same time. You can pick up a pot-sized thermal cooker, or simply put a blanket in a cooler.

buy a simple one or make your own. Food drying is a method of preserving fruit, vegetables, and animal proteins that has been practiced since antiquity.




this referral link to get £10 off your first box. We'll get £10 off our next box, so we'll spend that saving on trees on Offset Earth. 🥳

Footprint Calculators

Home Improvements



Land Management


Other Services




Renewable Energy





3D print a mold, and create anything you can imagine! You can buy the machines too if making them is out of your wheelhouse.

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Zero Waste