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The free, weekly newsletter of the best Front End related news, articles, projects, and more. JavaScript, React, Angular, Ember, Polymer, Meteor, RxJS, Elm, and more. Archive.

Large collection of tips as animated gifs.

15 great Front-end articles, tutorials, and announcements every Friday. Sections for CSS/SCSS, JavaScript, and other awesome stuff. Archive

Best frontend development news sourced from the best subreddits.

A hand-curated list of articles, tutorials, opinions, and tools related to User Interface development.

General Web Development

A weekly email about Web development, design and the startup life.

This Newsletter shares the latest articles in web development.

A weekly newsletter for fullstack web developers. It sends you the top 5 link every week about web frontend and backend, devops and user experience.

A weekly newsletter discussing interesting and trending topics around the web platform. Archive.

Get the latest programming news, cool libraries and productivity tips in your inbox every two weeks.

A daily newsletter with TL;DR information about interesting topics around web development, Devops and distributed systems.

An email update on the evolving JAMstack ecosystem.

Weekly selection of five articles, videos or entire courses from FreeCodeCamp learning platform.


A free, once–weekly e-mail round-up of JavaScript news and articles. Archive.

Email newsletter twice a month with useful tips, tricks and resources for designers and developers.

One quick JavaScript tip, delivered to your inbox every other week.

Web Tools Weekly is a front-end development and web design newsletter with a focus on tools.

5 links every week curated by Dr. Axel Raushmayer and Johannes Weber.

A collection of awesome browser-side JavaScript libraries, resources and shiny things.

The best TypeScript links every week, right in your box.

No nonsense list of curated JavaScript links to your mailbox once every two weeks. Subscribe.

Weekly rankings about the most popular open-source projects related to Node.js and the web platform.


The free, weekly newsletter of the best React.js news and articles.

Free occasional summary of React Native news, articles, issues & pull requests, libraries and apps.

A hand-picked weekly selection of the best React JS resources.

A weekly newsletter for React developers with top 5 links. Archive.

A weekly newsletter about React and ecosystem.

A weekly roundup of the latest React and React Native links and tutorials.

A weekly overview of the most popular React news, articles and libraries.

Weekly coverage of interesting pull requests, discussions, and RFCs around React Core and React DOM. Coming out every Friday.

Top 3 React articles of the week in your inbox.

A weekly newsletter for people learning React.

Bi-weekly Next.js news Next.js with everything you need to keep yourself updated on the Next.js ecosystem


Updates from the Ember.js Learning Team.

The latest Ember.js news, tips & code delivered directly to your inbox.


Weekly dose of handpicked Vue.js news.

A weekly curated publication of the best articles, latest news and coolest Vue projects.

Tips & tricks about the Vue ecosystem, for busy devs.


Data Visualization

Get D3.js and Data Visualization news, articles, jobs and more delivered to your inbox every Tuesday.

Monday roundup of the best in data journalism from the past week. Paid version also includes data visualization job postings.


Weekly e-mail roundup of css articles, tutorials, experiments and tools curated by Zoran Jambor.

signup is at the bottom of the page right under the Get the newsletter header!.

Get the latest and greatest news, tutorials, and code examples on all Sass-y greatness. Archive.

Weekly newsletter about all things Tailwind CSS.


Five design-centric posts each day.

Curated stories for designers.

A free, once–weekly round-up of responsive design articles, tools, tips, tutorials and inspirational links.

The latest articles about interface usability, website design, and UX research from the Nielsen Norman Group.

Only the best UI design inspiration, right in your inbox.

Where the design community meets.

Daily posts and exclusive articles marry the very best modern expressions and innovations from the Branding, Art and Graphic Design worlds.

An easy to follow design course for people who do amazing things.

Weekly hand-picked resources for front-end developers and product managers.

Latest web news and articles from industry experts.

The UI Animation Newsletter keeps you up to date on the best web animation, motion design, and UX resources.

newsletter with articles, videos, book reviews, and other goodies pertaining to the wonderful worlds of web animation and motion design by Rachel Nabors.

Latest news, articles, repos, code, frameworks, videos and podcasts on Design Systems, Pattern Libraries and Styleguide. Archive.

Designgest is an easy way to get fresh information about interactive design trends.

Design inspiration and great design-related content sourced from the best subreddits.

A biweekly curated newsletter about Figma.


A once–weekly HTML5 and Web Platform technology roundup. CSS 3, Canvas, WebSockets, WebGL, Native Client, and more.

Weekly newsletter about HTML5 Game Development.

Weekly newsletter as a summary of all the new content -game releases, tutorials, videos, etc- added to Phaser site over the last week.


A weekly email focused on Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG), sharing tutorials, tools, experiments, talks and data.


Common Section

Receive weekly Programming news and insights from industry insiders.

A weekly newsletter for software engineers featuring top 5 links. Archive.

A daily newsletter featuring long-form technical articles of all fields of programming.

A weekly email each Wednesday with a new software development tip from Steve "ardalis" Smith. Topics range from git to career to web development to personal development and teamwork.

A weekly newsletter covering developments in LLVM, Clang, and related projects.

Weekly digest of the best engineering blogs from across the web. Archive.


A curated list of awesome iOS libraries, including Objective-C and Swift Projects.


Weekly email newsletter with manually curated top 5 links from the .NET community.

A collection of awesome .Net libraries, tools & frameworks.


A free, once–weekly e-mail round-up of Node.js news and articles.

What we’re working on, thinking about, and talking about NPM

A weekly overview of the most popular Node.js news, articles and packages.


Code examples, tutorials, screencasts and much more to learn Apple’s new programming language.

Subscribe to a hand-picked round up of the best iOS development links every week. Free.

A multi author curated newsletter.

A curated list of awesome swift libraries and resources.

Introducing the Swift by Sundell monthly newsletter!

Weekly iOS newsletter.

Best iOS development, marketing, Swift, design, and Xcode links. Archive.

A weekly curated newsletter containing a hand picked selection of the latest links, videos, tools and tutorials for people interested in designing and developing their own iOS, WatchOS and AppleTV apps using Swift.


A weekly newsletter about the Go programming language. Archive.

A weekly overview of the most popular Go news, articles and libraries.

Weekly curated blogs and tools for Golang seniors.


Weekly updates about R and Data Science. R Weekly is openly developed on GitHub.


A free, once–weekly e-mail round-up of Ruby news and articles.

Weekly inside scoop of interesting commits, pull requests and more from Rails, delivered to your inbox every Friday.

A collection of awesome Ruby gems, tools, frameworks and software.


A free once-a-week newsletter, featuring some great articles, news and blog posts.

Every week lots of tips, tutorials, and packages are released for Laravel.

A curated list of awesome PHP libraries and resources.

A bi weekly newsletter on modern PHP and Laravel.

Weekly tips and tricks from Laravel community.

A weekly collection of news, tutorials and information in Spanish about PHP and its ecosystem: Laravel, Symfony, WordPress, Drupal, ... Manually selected by Jesús Amieiro.


A free weekly newsletter featuring curated news, articles, new releases, jobs etc related to Python.

Weekly Python Newsletter containing Python Articles, Projects, Videos, Tweets delivered in your inbox. Archive.

A free weekly e-mail newsletter, on Fridays, for those interested in python development and various topics around python.

A weekly overview of the most popular Python news, articles and packages.


The latest releases, interesting articles, interviews, presentations, relevant tweets or Google+ posts, links to podcasts or screencasts, code snippets, books, upcoming events, and more.


A free, once a week e-mail round-up of hand-picked news and articles about Perl.


The "official" Elixir newsletter, published weekly via email by Plataformatec.

A curated list of awesome Elixir and Erlang packages and resources. Archive.

Weekly portion of Elixir and Phoenix goodness. Archive.


A weekly newsletter about Clojure and ClojureScript.


A free email newsletter about the Haskell programming language.


A weekly newsletter about Elm


Stay up to date with events, learning resources, and recent developments in Rust community. Archive.

A curated list of Rust libraries and resources.


A curated list of awesome C/C++ frameworks, libraries, resources, and shiny things.


A community driven list of useful Scala libraries, frameworks and software.



A weekly overview of the most popular Kotlin news, articles and libraries.

The weekly newsletter for Kotlin developers, with articles, libraries, videos and podcasts from the Kotlin environment.


A regular newsletter for the Lua Programming Language.



Aggregation of activities of the Git mailing list in a format for the wider tech audience.


Every monday, we send 5 tips that can help boost your vim productivity you can think of it as one tip per day!

Best Vim stuff, once a week.


A weekly round-up of database technology news and articles covering new developments, SQL, NoSQL, document databases, graph databases, and more.


A free, once–weekly e-mail round-up of PostgreSQL news and articles.


Periodic newsletter about everything and anything Redis.


A free weekly newsletter featuring curated news, articles, new releases, jobs etc related to NoSQL.

A free, once–weekly e-mail round-up of MongoDB news and articles.


Weekly newsletter filled with great updates from Docker, our users and ecosystem.


A weekly slice of devops news.

The best DevOps links of the week delivered to your inbox

Sysadmin Casts - bite-sized sysadmin screencasts (released weekly).

A newsletter about server management.

A weekly newsletter, delivered to you every Sunday, with news & tools tailored to Linux sysadmins. Archige.

A curated list of awesome SysAdmin tools, software and resources.

Monitoring Weekly delivers the latest monitoring news, articles, and tools right to your inbox.

SRE Weekly is a newsletter devoted to everything related to keeping a site or service available as consistently as possible.

A weekly newsletter on Web operations, infrastructure, performance, and tooling, from the browser down to the metal.

Cloud Development

Azure Weekly is a summary of the week's top news in the Microsoft Azure ecosystem, as well as interesting historic content that's well worth reading.

A weekly newsletter about serverless architectures and paradigms, function-as-a-service, AWS Lambda, etc.

This Google Cloud Weekly is a summary of the week's top news, tutorials, videos, podcasts associated to the Google Cloud ecosystem, it's well worth reading.

A weekly roundup of news from Amazon's cloud ecosystem.


Your curated weekly kubernetes information reconciliation loop.

Interesting weekly news about Kubernetes in the form of a newsletter.

LWKD is a weekly newsletter summarizing code activity in the Kubernetes project: merges, PRs, deprecations, version updates, release schedules, and the weekly community meeting.


A weekly round-up of the releases, articles, and links that affect Web developers working on the mobile-facing Web.

Free newsletter that helps you to stay cutting-edge with your Android Development.

A curated list of awesome Android packages and resources.

Hand-picked round up of the best Xamarin development links every week. Curated by Geoffrey Huntley and published every Friday. Free.

A weekly newsletter for flutter fans by flutter fans.

Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning / Big Data

Your weekly Data Engineering news (Formerly Hadoop Weekly). Archive.

A weekly newsletter of the best data science news and resources from around the web. Archive.

A weekly collection of the best news and resources on Artificial Intelligence amd Machine Learning.

A weekly AI & Deep Learning newsletter. Archive.

A weekly roundup of ML & AI news.

Weekly newsletter bringing you the latest in Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, and Neurotechnology.

The latest breakthroughs, applications and foul-ups in artificial intelligence. Archive

A weekly newsletter to keep up to date with AI, machine learning, and data science. Archive.

Receive updates on open source frameworks, tutorials and articles curated by machine learning professionals. Obtain insights on best practices, tools and techniques in machine learning explainability, reproducibility, model evaluation, feature analysis and beyond.

Blockchain / Cryptocurrencies

Tracking trends, news, and analysis around Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies.

The best cryptocurrency news and insights delivered to your inbox every week.

Blockchain tech without the bull— a weekly dose of blockchain reality with a heavy bias toward the technical.

Technology in General

TLDR is a daily curated newsletter containing links and summaries of the most interesting stories in tech.

Stay on top of today's most popular Tech news with a daily e-mail of crowd-curated articles from across the Web.

4 short links about (mostly research oriented) technology every weekday.

An interesting/influential/important paper from the world of CS every weekday morning, as selected by Adrian Colyer.

Techmeme is a aggregated, filtered, archiveable summary in near real-time of what is new and generating conversation in technology.




Understand today's financial news within 3 minutes. For free.

Q&As, lessons, and news articles to help startups and business owners understand how to implement pricing strategy.

FBA Monthly is an across-the-board summary of the month's most important news articles and blog posts regarding Amazon businesses. Only actual news, solutions, strategies, seller-to-seller tips and much more.

Weekly intelligence brief on navigating the index fund age, understanding the economy, and hacking capitalism.

The best of the startup world, curated weekly.

The startup community’s newsletter with the best content from and for founders. Archive.

Company news and analysis in less than 5 minutes per week.

Awesome news

Track GitHub trending repositories in your favorite programming language by native GitHub notifications!

1y 42d

A weekly newsletter of the best articles on startups, technology, programming, and more. All links are curated by hand from the popular Hacker News site.

A weekly newsletter, covering everything that hits open source radar.

Discover top trending repos at GitHub, detected by a peak detection algorithm.


Inspiration in your inbox by TED

Projects We Love archive by KickStarter

Curated reading materials from around the world, customized by your interests.

My Morning Routine is an independent online magazine that brings you a brand new, inspiring morning routine every Wednesday.

A free WordPress Newsletter, once a week, with a round-up of WordPress news and articles. Archive.

The Think Clearly newsletter gives you little reflection exercises to help you in your daily life. It is created with love and admiration. Archive.

A weekly newsletter, collects links that aim to improve programming knowledge general. The purpose is not include the links that reader can search instantly from google such as how to do x, y, z but more about problem solving in programming.

A customizable weekly newsletter that delivers Hacker News stories based on your interests.


Learn from Resilence Engineering research without having to dig through long, academic papers.


A security-focused monthly newsletter curated by Bruce Schneier, one of the most famous security experts in the world.

a weekly tl;dr cybersecurity newsletter including news, the happy corner, your weekly cyber-cat, and more. It's sent every Sunday.

A daily summary of 10 Information Security news items that aren't necessarily getting a lot of attention.

A weekly distillation of the best security tools, blog posts, and conference talks, covering AppSec, cloud and container security, DevSecOps, and more.


A free weekly newsletter for entrepreneurs featuring best curated content, must read articles, how to guides, tips and tricks, resources, events and more.

A weekly & brief newsletter with all the latest news and activities on WebRTC.

A weekly newsletter for people are interested in the Web Audio API, the Web MIDI API, or sound on the web in general.

A weekly newsletter of useful/curious datasets.

A weekly newsletter for startup founders that rounds up the best resources from startup ecosystem.

An email, every night at 10pm CT, that unearths the hottest new repos on GitHub.

Learn code via cartoons via email.

A directory of free software solutions and web applications which can be hosted locally.

A weekly roundup of Linux Kernel Mailing List threads but with a lot more sarcasm.

Weekly newsletter for digital marketers, covering news on SEO, PPC and Social Media.

Curated knowledge, inspiration and background stories for startups. Delivered to your inbox every Monday and Thursday.

Hardware and software news for tech junkies from the best posts on Reddit.

Cutting edge news regarding entrepreneurship, growth, investing and startups sourced from the best Reddit posts.

Tech Productivity is a short weekly newsletter for tech professionals (programmers, developers, designers, etc). Each issue includes a brief list of productivity-related tools, articles, and other resources that can help workers in various tech-related fields be more productive.

A weekly newsletter focussing on latest in mobile, web, AI, UI/UX, jobs/carrers and anything related to developers and the industry.

A weekly email showcasing trending projects on GitHub.