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Awesome Lockpicking

A curated list of awesome guides, tools, and other resources related to the security and compromise of locks, safes, and keys.

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Contests, conferences, and events

CCC hosts the German Lockpicking Championships.

Annual infosec industry conference which is popular with many lockpickers featuring a locksport contest.

Annual conference often featuring a locksport competition and presentations on physical security.

Annual, invitation-only international conference about locks for members of respected locksport organizations.

Hobby projects

Print lock picks made of plastic materials that, while weak, will survive at least several uses. (Find more digital models.)

Illustrated guide to building a custom lock pick and tension wrench from windshield wipers.

Instructions for using discarded street sweeper bristles as material for dual-sided turning tools and picks.

Instructions for turning old windshield wipers into any of a variety of lock pick types and turning tool styles.

Short guide to constructing an under-door ("lever opening"/"Mule") tool using material available at a typical hardware store.

In this dice-based locksport game, as a budding lock maker you have set out to test your designs against your peers.

How-to lockpicking guides

Educational website with animations detailing the process of picking locks.

Short article guiding beginners comfortable with picking padlocks towards an understanding of more complex locks.

YouTube playlist of selected instructional videos sorted in order from first principles to techniques for specific locks.

Guidebook covering terminology, tool use, and techniques for picking the vast majority of pin and wafer tumbler locks.

Collection of physec talks and locksport advice for all skill levels from a world-reknowned expert.

Widely-distributed beginner's manual with diagrams showcasing how to pick various entry-level locks.

Exceptionally thorough guide "for those who want more than just the basics."

Locksport primer in the style of a comic book, with photographs and speech bubbles.

Locksport associations and organizations

Lock picking club established to serve Bloomington, Indiana and surrounding areas.

Worldwide association of lockpickers with national, regional, and local chapters.

International association of lockpickers who offer help starting new locksport clubs and groups.

German lock picking sports club who hosts the german lock picking masters and offers workshops on how to pick locks.

Novel lock attack techniques and research

Acoustic-based physical key inference.

Online communities

Bustling online forum for the discussion of lockpicking and locksport.

One of the longest-running online communities "dedicated to the fun and ethical hobby of lock picking."

Community-driven reference for both beginners and professionals in the security industry.

Subreddit dedicated to the sport of lockpicking.

Online resources

Personal website of a knowledgable hobbyist discussing a variety of picking and bypass tools.

Website "dedicated to the science and study of forensic locksmithing."

Raking techniques illustrated with awesome animations.

Hobbyist's website with detailed pages about locks, tools, and picking techniques.


Retailer of speciality practice locks, lock stands, and more.

Canadian retailer carrying a wide range of manufacturers, including Souber dimple lock picks, a manufacturer that only sells to other businesses.

Retailer notable for their lockpicking accessories featuring earrings and other jewelry that also function as sturdy tools.

Manufacturer of precision lock picking tools and accessories; their top-of-keyway turning tools are famous but overpriced (you can make your own).

Retailer for safe-opening tools who also offer paid training courses.

Retailer of numerous high-security, collector, and cutaway locks who also maintain some informational pages about locksmithing.

SouthOrdยฎ is a manufacturer of lock picks and professional locksmith tools; individual replacement picks as low as $1.50 USD.

Retailer of numerous lockpicking sets, pick guns, and more.

Manufacturer of specialty and quality lock pick tools; their King Pin pinning tweezer is particularly useful.

German retailer of lock picking tools, tool cases and locks.