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Awesome Open Source Supporters

โญ๏ธ A curated list of companies that offer their services for free to Open Source projects

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Code Coverage

Continuous Code Coverage

Display test coverage reports, free for Open Source

Code Quality

Source code maintainability analysis.

copyright: - Code Analysis to ship Better Code, Faster.

copyright: - The open and extensible static analysis platform, for everyone.

Automated code review for mobile and web.

Automated static analysis for C#, Java, CSS, JS, Ruby, Go and Python source code.

Continuous static analysis.

Comments on GitHub commits about code quality, free for Open Source

copyright: - Deep code analysis for GitHub and Bitbucket to find security vulnerabilities and critical code quality issues (using Semmle QL). Automatic code review for pull requests; free for public repositories.

Approve GitHub pull request through code review.

Automated code review & repair for Python.

Code review tool built on top of GitHub pull requests.

Automated code review service for GitHub.

Public GitHub repositories only

Continuous Integration

NET Continuous Integration and Deployment as a service. [$] [Free for OSS]

Cloud based continuous integration and delivery for mobile, free for OSS

Automates your software builds, tests, and deployments.

Docker-native CI/CD.

100 private builds/month, 5 private projects, unlimited for Open Source

CI/CD for PHP applications.

1 project with 10 daily deployments (30 build minutes/month)

Cross browser testing, Selenium testing and mobile testing, free for Open Source

A continuous integration platform for open source and private projects.

A Docker based continious integration platform for open source and private projects.

Windows/macOS/Linux. Free for OSS projects.

Dependency Management

Dependabot is a dependency update service. It monitors and updates your dependencies by sending a pull-request. The service is free for public repos and personal account repos.

Automated dependency management for NPM packages (on GitHub).

Python dependency management.

copyright: - Vulnerability scanner for dependencies of node.js apps (free for Open Source Projects).

Dependency update as a service.

The simplest way to secure and manage open source components in your software.


A modern publishing toolchain. Simply taking you from ideas to finished, polished books.

Documentation hosting platform.

Exception Reporting

Cross platform error monitoring. Free tier. Support for SDK & NDK. Error reports include data on device, release, user, and allows arbitrary data.

requires-approvalnon-commercial` - Exception and uptime monitoring for Ruby.

Package Management

requires-approval` - NuGet, npm, Bower, Maven, and Vsix package hosting.

requires-approval` - Maven, RPM, DEB, PyPi, and RubyGem hosting.

Project Management

Project management platform for startups and agile developers, free for Open Source

Agile GitHub project management.

Project management for GitHub issues.


requires-approval` - Automated website monitoring.

requires-approval` - DNS monitoring.

Monitoring for cron jobs, background services and scheduled tasks.


Unlimited projects, unlimited strings and collaborators for Open Source

Free up to 3 users, always free for Open Source

Localization and Translation.

Free up to 1000 strings

It's free for libre projects up to 10,000 string source for the free tier, and Unlimited Self-hosted on-premises.

Version Control


Work together to quickly design, prototype, document and test APIs.

requires-approval` - Productivity tools for teams (Jira, Confluence, Bamboo, HipChat).

Authentication, done for you.

Automated GitHub repository backups.

Test your website for cross browser compatibility on real browsers. Instant access to multiple desktop and mobile browsers. Get Free Trial.

Account]` - Very powerful online dev environment, just like your local PC.

Codota helps developers create better software, faster by providing insights learned from all the code in the world. Plugin available.

Shared inbox for teams, free for Open Source and nonprofit organizations

requires-approvalnon-commercial` - Software vendor specializing in the creation of intelligent development tools.

Search and dependency update notifications for 32 different package managers, free for open source

Managed User Authentication service for free. Email registartion and 3 social providers.

Fake SMTP server for development, free plan with 1 inbox, 50 messages, no team member, 2 emails/second, no forward rules

requires-approval` - Hosting for static sites.

Smart source code transparency.

CMS for static sites.

Automate end-to-end email tests with unlimited mailboxes and a GraphQL API. 100 emails/month free forever, unlimited free for open source.

Handles file uploads and encoding of video, audio, images, documents. Free for Open source, charities, and students via the GitHub Student Developer Pack. Commercial applications get 2 GB free for test driving

requires-approval` - Chat for distributed teams.