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Awesome Speakers

Awesome speakers in the programming and design communities

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Awesome Speakers Awesome

Awesome speakers in the programming and design communities

Let's make it more transparent and easy to find awesome speakers for meetups and conferences! This list of speakers, their contact details and the topics they talk about is a start towards this goal.

Please add to the list and help make the community better connected and richer.



Nigeria 🇳🇬


Adebayo Opesanya\ Topics: JavaScript, Node.js, TypeScript, Testing, Community\

Anayo Oleru\ Topics: JavaScript, Node.js, TypeScript, Testing, React, Redux, React Native, Open Source, PWAs\

Christian Nwamba\ Topics: JavaScript, React, Vue, Angular, PWAs, CSS, Standards\

Ire Aderinokun\ Topics: Progressive Web Apps, CSS, Standards\

Otemuyiwa Prosper\ Topics: JavaScript, React, Vue, Angular, PWAs, PHP, Laravel\

Shodipo Ayomide\ Topics: PHP, JavaScript, React, Vue.js, PWAs, Testing, Open Source, Performance\

South Africa 🇿🇦


Rebecca Franks\ Topics: Android, Android Things, Firebase, IoT\


India 🇮🇳


Ashrith Kulai\ Topics: Progressive Web Apps, Polymer, Web Components, Web Performance, Build Tools\

Bapusaheb Patil\ Topics: Android, Kotlin, Java, Asynchronous Programming, Mobile UX Design, Mobile Performance\

Kumar Anirudha\ Topics: Python, Node.js, Blockchain, Architecture, Cryptocurrency\

Siddharth Kshetrapal\ Topics: CSS, Web Performance, React, CSS in JS, Node, Testing\


Mohit Rajput\ Topics: Android, Java, Kotlin, Flutter, Blockchain\


Jayesh Katta Ramalingaiah\ Topics: Rust, Android, Angular, React, Web VR, Project Things, Common Voice, Web Compatibility\

Manjula Dube\ Topics: JavaScript, React, Progressive Web Apps, Node, Testing\

Neehar Venugopal\ Topics: Code Splitting, Standards\

Sidhartha Chatterjee\ Topics: React, Progressive Web Apps, Web Performance\

New Delhi

Arun Michael Dsouza\ Topics: webpack, React, ES6, Tooling, CSS\

Avi Aryan\ Topics: Mobile Web, PWAs, Flask, Blockchain\

Indonesia 🇮🇩


Frans Allen\ Topics: CDN, Cloud, SaaS, DNS, Web Performance & Security\

Lebanon 🇱🇧


Sara Soueidan\ Topics: Animations, CSS, SVG\

Pakistan 🇵🇰


Arbaz Pirwani\ Topics: Android, Kotlin, Java\

Eric Bhatti\ Topics: Android, Java, Kotlin, Firebase\

Mashhood Rastgar\ Topics: Progressive Web Apps, Angular, Firebase\

Muhammad Kamran\ Topics: Angular, Redux, RxJS, Flutter, Dart, React Native, JavaScript, TypeScript, Linux\

Narain Sagar\ Topics: Angular, JavaScript, TypeScript, Node.js, Docker, Continuous Integration, Tooling, Automation Testing\

Nasir Hussain\ Topics: Web Design, Blockchain, Python, IoT, Continous Integration, Developer Ecosystems\

Wajahat Karim\ Topics: Android, Open Source, Java, Kotlin\

Singapore 🇸🇬


Aysha Anggraini\ Topics: CSS, Animations\

Chen Hui Jing\ Topics: CSS\

Zell Liew\ Topics: CSS, JavaScript\


Australia 🇦🇺


Glen Maddern\ Topics: CSS, Styled Components, React, JavaScript\

Karolina Szczur\ Topics: CSS, HTML, Web, Inclusivity, Diversity\

Mark Dalgleish\ Topics: Design Systems, Web Design\

Phil Nash\ Topics: JavaScript, Web Development, Progressive Web Apps\


Austria 🇦🇹


Stefan Baumgartner\ Topics: Web Ops, JavaScript, CSS, Tooling\


Lisi Linhart\ Topics: CSS, Web Animations\


Adrián Bolonio\ Topics: React, JavaScript, Accessibility\

Ali Sharif\ Topics: Functional Programming, Agile, Product Development\

Andrey Okonetchnikov\ Topics: CSS in JS, Linting, Tooling\

Christoph Rumpel\ Topics: PHP, Laravel, Chatbots\

Eva Lettner\ Topics: CSS, Web\

Glenn Reyes\ Topics: Code Splitting, React\

Jan Hruby\ Topics: React, Redux, CSS in JS, React Native, Serverless, GraphQL\

Karl Horky\ Topics: Tooling, Standards, Intersectionality, OSS, Psychology\

Manuel Matuzović\ Topics: CSS, Grid, Accessibility\

Max Böck\ Topics: CSS, JavaScript, Progressive Web Apps\

Max Stoiber\ Topics: React, Styled Components, OSS\

Nik Graf\ Topics: ReasonML, Serverless, GraphQL, Virtual Reality, React\

Oliver Schöndorfer\ Topics: Typography, CSS\

Patrick Stapfer\ Topics: ReasonML, Static Typing, Flow\

Peter Ferak\ Topics: Functional Programming, Computer Science\

Sebastian Siemssen\ Topics: React, GraphQL, Tooling\

Timo Obereder\ Topics: React, Composition, Android, RXJava, Kotlin\

Belgium 🇧🇪


Sam Bellen\ Topics: Web Audio, Browser APIs\

Bulgaria 🇧🇬


Radoslav Stankov\ Topics: React, Redux, Ruby, Testing, GraphQL\

Czech Republic 🇨🇿


Artem Zakharchenko\ Topics: React, Forms, CSS Grid\

Denmark 🇩🇰


Mathias Buus\ Topics: Peer to Peer, Node.js\

Olga Dmitricenko\ Topics: Virtual Reality, Web Image Processing\

Tereza Sokol\ Topics: Elm, Visualizations\

Finland 🇫🇮


Eemeli Aro\ Topics: Open Source, React, YAML\

Juha Lindstedt\ Topics: JavaScript, RE:DOM, Progressive Web Apps, Performance, Standards, CSS, Node.js\

Juha Linnanen\ Topics: React Native, TypeScript, GraphQL\

Juha-Matti Santala\ Topics: Community building, Documentation, JavaScript, Programming\

Maaret Pyhäjärvi\ Topics: Testing\

Varya Stepanova\ Topics: CSS in JS, Style Guides, Visual Regression Testing\


Juho Vepsäläinen\ Topics: 3D Graphics, Business, JavaScript, React, webpack, Writing\

France 🇫🇷


Emmanuel Demey\ Topics: Angular, JavaScript, Progressive Web Apps, Vue, React, Elasticsearch\


Wassim Chegham\ Topics: Angular, JavaScript, Progressive Web Apps, Chatbots, Firebase, Cloud, Internet of Things\


Sven Sauleau\ Topics: JavaScript (Babel), Artificial Intelligence, Linux, Cloud, Ops, Computer Science\

Germany 🇩🇪


Johannes Ewald\ Topics: Tooling, Standards, webpack\


Ally Long\ Topics: CSS, Performance\

Artem Sapegin\ Topics: Styleguides, UI, CSS\

Charlie Owen\ Topics: CSS, Accessibility\

Hernán Magrini\ Topics: Web Performance, Service Workers\

Kitty Giraudel\ Topics: Accessibility, Diversity, Inclusivity\

Lu Yu\ Topics: Graphic Design, Typography, Branding, User Experience\

Manuel Bieh\ Topics: React, JavaScript, Code Quality, Clean Code, Leadership, Developer Experience\

Natalie Pistunovich\ Topics: Mobile Apps, Go\

Oleg Slobodskoi\ Topics: CSS in JS, React\

Robin Pokorny\ Topics: Jest, React, AMP, Elm\

Sara Vieira\ Topics: Styleguides, React, CSS, Preact, CSS-in-JS\

Srushtika Neelakantam\ Topics: WebVR, A-Frame, Realtime Web, JavaScript Frameworks\

Tejas Kumar\ Topics: JavaScript, React, WebAssembly, Community, Teams, Humanities\

Yoshua Wuyts\ Topics: Frameworks, Simplicity, Standards, Libraries\


Joy Heron\ Topics: Clojure, Web Apps, Security\


Vitaly Friedman\ Topics: Web Design, Web Development, Responsive Web Design\


Mario Nebl\ Topics: JavaScript, Node, JS Architecture\

Martin Kleppe\ Topics: Weird JS\

Mauricio Palma\ Topics: CSS, JavaScript\

Höchst im Odenwald

Tim Pietrusky\ Topics: JS Art, JS Music, JavaScript\


Robin Weser\ Topics: CSS, CSS in JS, React\


Franziska Hinkelmann\ Topics: Node, V8\

Mathias Bynens\ Topics: JavaScript (TC39), V8, Chrome\

Greece 🇬🇷


Nick Palladinos\ Topics: F#\

Ireland 🇮🇪


Dave Jeffery\ Topics: JavaScript, Electron, Node.js\

Eoin Shanaghy\ Topics: Java, Elixir, Node.js\

James Sugrue\ Topics: Swift, JavaScript, Java\

Joe Minichino\ Topics: Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Databases, JavaScript, Python\

Oscar Brito\ Topics: Linux, Node.js, JavaScript, Python\


Anton Whalley\ Topics: Node.js, Decentralization, FreeBSD, Open Source\

Augusto Evangelisti\ Topics: Testing, Agile, Bitcoin\

Barry O'Sullivan\ Topics: PHP, Testing, Domain-Driven Design, Event Sourcing\

Chris Manson\ Topics: JavaScript, Ember, React\

Cian Mac Mahon\ Topics: JavaScript, React\

Claudio Procida\ Topics: JavaScript, React, Node.js, Diversity\

Donovan Hutchinson\ Topics: HTML, CSS, JavaScript\

Ingrid Epure\ Topics: Security, Psychology\

John Brett\ Topics: JavaScript, hapi, Nomad Work, Bitcoin\

Luciano Mammino\ Topics: Node.js, Design Patterns, Serverless, JSON Web Tokens, Universal JavaScript\

Lynsey Duncan\ Topics: UX, UI, Design Systems\

Maja Grubic\ Topics: Node.js, JavaScript, React, Monitoring, D3, SVG\

Mario Casciaro\ Topics: Node.js, JavaScript, Design Patterns, Startups\

Michael Flanagan\ Topics: PHP, JavaScript, REST, Testing\

Mustafa Turan\ Topics: Elixir, Ruby, Functional Programming\

Padraig O'Brien\ Topics: Serverless, Big Data, Databases\

Panpan Lin\ Topics: JavaScript, GraphQL, Swift, Hackathons\

Pat O'Callaghan\ Topics: JavaScript, Node.js, Ember\

Serena Fritsch\ Topics: JavaScript, Ember, Developer Workflows\

Serg Hospodarets\ Topics: JavaScript, CSS, CSS Houdini\

Thomas Shaw\ Topics: Docker, Jenkins, Devops\

Yevgeniy Brikman\ Topics: Terraform, Devops, Scalability\


Mark Conroy\ Topics: Frontend, Drupal, Web Development\


Richard Rodger\ Topics: Node.js, Microservices\

Israel 🇮🇱

Nir Galon\ Topics: Python, API Star, Open Source, Node.js, Angular\

Nir Kaufman\ Topics: Angular, Firebase, Redux\

Uri Shaked\ Topics: Web Bluetooth, WebVR, Angular, Internet of Things with JavaScript\

Yoni Weisbrod\ Topics: React, MobX, MobX State Tree, React-Native\

Italy 🇮🇹


Maurizio Mangione\ Topics: Web Components, Polymer, Progressive Web Apps\


Matteo Ronchi\ Topics: React, JavaScript, Flow, Web Architectures, Frontend Ops\

Netherlands 🇳🇱


Alexey Kureev\ Topics: React Native\

Carmen Popoviciu\ Topics: Angular, JavaScript, Machine Learning, Neural Networks, Polymer, Web Components\

Chidinma Kalu\ Topics: JavaScript, TypeScript, Python, Machine Learning\

Jad Joubran\ Topics: Progressive Web Apps, Web Performance, JavaScript\

Kene Udeze\ Topics: Design, CSS, Accessibility, Inclusive Design\

Michel Weststrate\ Topics: MobX, React, mobx-state-tree, Typescript, Open Source\

Narendra Shetty\ Topics: React, Progressive Web Apps\

Peter-Paul Koch\ Topics: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Cross-Browser Compatibility\


Stefan Nieuwenhuis\ Topics: Angular, Web Components, Frontend Architecture, Microservices, Monorepos, Design Systems\


Job van Achterberg\ Topics: Accessibility\


Rowdy Rabouw\ Topics: NativeScript, Browser APIs\


Gerard Klijs\ Topics: Clojure, Rust, GraphQL, Apache Kafka\


Norbert de Langen\ Topics: Component Libraries, React, Storybook, Open Source, Communities\

Norway 🇳🇴


Anton Babenko\ Topics: Terraform, AWS, Devops\

Poland 🇵🇱


Kasia Jastrzębska\ Topics: React, Redux, Async, CSS in JS, ClojureScript\

Kitze\ Topics: MobX, State Management, GraphQL, CSS in JS\


Anna Migas\ Topics: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Web Animations, Web Performance\

Kacper Sokołowski\ Topics: JavaScript, Security, Service Workers\

Konrad Dzwinel\ Topics: Developer Tools, JavaScript\


Tomasz Łakomy\ Topics: React, Virtual Reality, jQuery\


Aga Naplocha\ Topics: CSS, Teaching Web Technologies\

Tomasz Ducin\ Topics: JavaScript, TypeScript, React, Angular, RxJS, Async, Architecture\


Ferran Negre\ Topics: React Native, React, Testing, JavaScript, Android\

Mike Grabowski\ Topics: React Native, JavaScript, Tooling\

Michał Pierzchała\ Topics: React Native, Jest, Testing, CSS\

Mike Chudziak\ Topics: React, React Native, iOS, Android\

Satyajit Sahoo\ Topics: React, React Native, CSS in JS, Tooling\

Portugal 🇵🇹


Filipa Lacerda\ Topics: Vue, Vuex\


Daniela Matos de Carvalho\ Topics: Web protocols, Web security, JavaScript, React, Node.js, Offline First\

David Dias\ Topics: IPFS, Peer to Peer, JavaScript, Node.js\


Miguel Andrade\ Topics: Ember, JavaScript\

Romania 🇷🇴

Márton Kodok\ Topics: BigQuery, Databases, Voice Based Interfaces, Cloud, Architecture\

Russia 🇷🇺


Nikita Prokopov\ Topics: Clojure, DataScript, Rum, FiraCode, AnyBar\

Nikita Sobolev\ Topics: Elixir, Python, JavaScript, Management, RSDP\

Oleksii Okhrymenko\ Topics: Angular, JavaScript, RxJS, i18n, HTML, CSS\

Sergey Rubanov\ Topics: Standards, Web Assembly\

St. Petersburg

Vadim Makeev\ Topics: HTML, CSS, Web Standards, Accessibility\

Serbia 🇷🇸


Aleksandar Simovic\ Topics: Serverless\

Slobodan Stojanović\ Topics: Serverless, Offline Web, Chat Bots\

Spain 🇪🇸


Flavio Corpa\ Topics: JavaScript, Functional Programming\


Javi Velasco\ Topics: React, CSS in JS, React Toolbox\


Vincenzo Chianese\ Topics: WebAPI, Microservices, JavaScript\


Erik Rasmussen\ Topics: React, Redux, Redux-Form, Forms\



Muhammad Ahsan Ayaz\ Topics: JavaScript, Angular, Node.js, Ionic, Firebase, Stencil, Progressive Web Apps\

Switzerland 🇨🇭


Martin Splitt\ Topics: Virtual Reality, Web Performance\

Ukraine 🇺🇦


Denys Dovhan\ Topics: JavaScript, DevTools, Shell scripting\


Illya Klymov\ Topics: Teaching, Coaching, JavaScript\


Aleksey Shvayka\ Topics: Browsers, Web Standards, Open Source, Front End, Smalltalk\

Andrey Listochkin\ Topics: Rust, JavaScript, Skills, Architecture\

Andrii Shumada\ Topics: JavaScript, Node.js, Streams\

Anton Nemtsev\ Topics: HTML, CSS, Web Standards\

Artem Yavorsky\ Topics: Babel, ECMAScript, Compilers\

Roman Liutikov\ Topics: ClojureScript, React, Compilers\

Timur Shemsedinov\ Topics: Node.js, Programming, JavaScript, Highload\

Vladimir Agafonkin\ Topics: Maps, Algorithms\

Yuri Artyukh\ Topics: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, WebGL\


Artem Denysov\ Topics: Web Performance, Dev Tools\


Timofey Lavrenyuk\ Topics: Progressive Web Apps, Modern Browser APIs\

United Kingdom 🇬🇧


Bruce Lawson\ Topics: Standards, Performance\

Stuart Langridge\ Topics: JavaScript, HTML, Open Source\


Jeremy Keith\ Topics: Standards, Web Development, Web Design, CSS, Accessibility\

Paul Robert Lloyd\ Topics: Design, Web Design, Architecture, Design Systems, Trains\


Léonie Watson\ Topics: Accessibility, Web Standards, Screen Readers\

Rachel Andrew\ Topics: CSS\

Ruth John\ Topics: Browser Technologies, Web Audio, Web MIDI\

Leighton Buzzard

Caroline Jarrett\ Topics: Forms Usability, User Research\


Luke Bonaccorsi\ Topics: Node, JavaScript, Automation\


Ada Rose Cannon\ Topics: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, WebVR, Web Technologies, Progressive Web Apps\

Alessandro Cinelli\ Topics: JavaScript\

Alex Lobera\ Topics: JavaScript, React, Redux, GraphQL\

Alexandra Deschamps-Sonsino\ Topics: Internet of Things, Smart Homes, Connected Devices\

Alla Kholmatova\ Topics: Design Systems\

Andrew Betts\ Topics: Networks, Performance, Web\

Anna Doubková\ Topics: React, Testing\

Bodil Stokke\ Topics: Programming, Functional Programming\

Chris Noring\ Topics: JavaScript, RxJS, Angular, React\

Cristiano Rastelli\ Topics: CSS, CSS in JS\

Dan Abramov\ Topics: JavaScript, React, Redux, Tooling\

Davide 'Folletto' Casali\ Topics: Design, User Experience, Management, Leadership, Startups\

Gerard Sans\ Topics: Angular, React, GraphQL, CSS Animations, RxJS\

Gojko Adzic\ Topics: Testing, Requirements, Serverless\

Jani Eväkallio\ Topics: Self-Development, Programming\

Michele Bertoli\ Topics: React, Testing\

Phil Plückthun\ Topics: React, CSS in JS\

Sani Yusuf\ Topics: Ionic, Angular, JavaScript, Progressive Web Apps\

Sebastian Witalec\ Topics: NativeScript, Angular, Bots, JavaScript\

Inayaili de León\ Topics: Design Systems, Responsive Web Design, Design Leadership, UI\


Heydon Pickering\ Topics: Accessibility, Performance, Web\


Seren Davies\ Topics: Accessibility\

North America

Canada 🇨🇦


Wes Bos\ Topics: JavaScript, CSS, Tooling\


Scott Vinkle\ Topics: Accessibility\


Aurélien Loyer\ Topics: JavaScript, Angular, Vue.js, Node.js, TypeScript, IoT\


Tanya Janca\ Topics: InfoSec, Web App Security\


Brenna O'Brien\ Topics: Motivation, Psychology, Developer Culture, Public Speaking\

Hala Anwar\ Topics: Accessibility\

Tiff Nogueira\ Topics: CSS Grids, React, Redux, Firebase, Flexbox\

United States of America 🇺🇸


Eric Bailey\ Topics: Accessibility\

Gleb Bahmutov\ Topics: Computer Science, JavaScript, Reactive Programming\

Lea Verou\ Topics: CSS, HTML\


Adrian Roselli\ Topics: Accessibility\


Michael Jackson\ Topics: React, JavaScript, React Router\

Cedar Rapids

Levi Bostian\ Topics: Android, RxJava, Kotlin, Freelancing, Swift, iOS, Productivity, Startups, Bootstrapping


Carin Meier\ Topics: Clojure, Machine Learning, Programming\

Chapel Hill

Doug Schepers\ Topics: Data visualization, Accessibility, SVG\


Karl Hughes\ Topics: Microservices, PHP, JavaScript, Docker\


Miriam Suzanne\ Topics: CSS, Sass, Architecture, Design Systems\


Carie Fisher\ Topics: Accessibility\


Aimee Knight\ Topics: JavaScript, CSS, Angular, Growing Junior Developers\

New Jersey

Ken Wheeler\ Topics: React, React Native, ReasonML\

New Orleans

Gant Laborde\ Topics: JavaScript, React Native, Leadership, Redux, Open Source, Tooling, Public Speaking\

Sia Karamalegos\ Topics: React, JavaScript, React Native, Front-End Performance\

New York City

Andrey Sitnik\ Topics: PostCSS, CRDT\

David Nolen\ Topics: Clojure, ClojureScript, Om, Functional Programming, Computer Science\

Diana Mounter\ Topics: Design Systems, CSS, Product Design\

Henry Zhu\ Topics: Open Source, Babel\

Jared Palmer\ Topics: React, React Native, Developer Tools, Forms, TypeScript, CSS\

Jen Simmons\ Topics: Design, CSS, HTML, Web\

Joe Sepi\ Topics: Open Source, Community, Node.js, JavaScript\

Kurtis Kemple\ Topics: React, React Native, GraphQL, Universal Components\

Lara Hogan\ Topics: Design, Performance, Engineering Management, Public Speaking\

Mariko Kosaka\ Topics: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Web\

Peggy Rayzis\ Topics: React, React Native, GraphQL\

Shawn Wang\ Topics: React, Serverless, JAMstack\

Una Kravets\ Topics: CSS, Web\

Tierney Cyren\ Topics: Node.js, JavaScript, CLI tools, Developer Tools, Open Source, Community\

Mountain View

Addy Osmani\ Topics: Chrome DevTools, Performance\


Courtney Heitman\ Topics: UX Development, Usability, Accessibility, Scrum, Agile\

Palo Alto

Paul Irish\ Topics: Developer Tools\

Cheng Lou\ Topics: ReasonML, React, Software Philosophy\


Lis Pardi\ Topics: Web\

Richard Feldman\ Topics: Elm\


Brad Frost\ Topics: Web Design, Atomic Design, Web Development\

Lin Clark\ Topics: React, WebAssembly, Browsers Internals\


Joe Seifi\ Topics: CSS-in-JS, JavaScript, React\

Kyle Shevlin\ Topics: React, Redux, JavaScript\

Micah Godbolt\ Topics: Frontend Architecture, CSS, Design Systems\

Scott Hanselman\ Topics: .NET, Azure\

Violet Peña\ Topics: React, Socket.IO, Storybook, Accessibility\

Redwood City

Jesse Beach\ Topics: Accessibility, React\

Salt Lake City

Kent C. Dodds\ Topics: OSS, React, Testing\

San Francisco

Adam Menges\ Topics: Artificial Intelligence, Design, Computer Science\

Alex Russell\ Topics: Performance, Mobile Web, Progressive Web Apps, Web Standards\

Anjana Vakil\ Topics: Programming Language Paradigms, Functional Programming (with JavaScript)\

Beth Dean\ Topics: Design, Illustration\

Boris Cherny\ Topics: TypeScript, React, Computer Science\

Brynn Evans\ Topics: Design, Management\

Cordelia Dillon\ Topics: Accessibility\

Estelle Weyl\ Topics: CSS, Performance, Responsive Web Design\

Frances Coronel\ Topics: Progressive Web Apps, TypeScript, Web Design, Open Source\

Gregory Shehet\ Topics: Functional Reactive Programming, MobX, CSS in JS, React\

Jafar Husain\ Topics: JavaScript, ES7, Observables, Reactive Programming, Falcor\

Jennifer Wong\ Topics: Design Systems\

Jon Gold\ Topics: Design, Design Systems, React, Artificial Intelligence\

Lisa Huang\ Topics: AMP, Offline-First Mobile Apps, React\

Mike Matas\ Topics: Human Interface Design\

Mina Markham\ Topics: CSS Architecture, Sass, Community, Design Systems\

Monica Dinculescu\ Topics: Web Components, Polymer, Emoji\

Patrick Stapleton\ Topics: OSS, Serverless, GraphQL, Vue.js, React, Angular, TypeScript\

Preethi Kasireddy\ Topics: Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, React\

Sarah Drasner\ Topics: CSS, SVG, Animations, Vue.js, React\

Sean Grove\ Topics: GraphQL, ReasonML, OCaml\

Stephanie Rewis\ Topics: Design Systems, CSS\

Tracy Lee\ Topics: Reactive Programming, Angular, Ember.js\


Jaime Lopez\ Topics: iOS, Swift, Software Architecture, Development Processes\

Shell Little\ Topics: Accessibility\

South America

Argentina 🇦🇷

Buenos Aires

Evangelina Ferreira\ Topics: CSS, Animations\

Brazil 🇧🇷

Belo Horizonte

Beto Muniz\ Topics: React, JavaScript, Progressive Web Apps, Polymer, Community\


Fernando Daciuk\ Topics: React, JavaScript\


Marcelo Camargo\ Topics: Functional Programming, Compilers, Type Theory, Category Theory, Lambda Calculus\

Rio de Janeiro

Raphael Amorim\ Topics: React, JavaScript, jQuery\

São Paulo

Caroline Soares\ Topics: Frontend development, woman's inspiration, JavaScript, CSS\

Fernanda Bernardo\ Topics: CSS, JavaScript, HTML\

João Victor Dias\ Topics: Computer Vision, Keras, CNN, R, Data Science path\

Sibelius Seraphini\ Topics: React, React Native, Node.js, GraphQL, Relay Modern, Open Source, Machine Learning, Blockchain\



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