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Awesome Splunk

A collection of awesome resources for Splunk

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Splunk's Homepage.

Previous versions of Splunk Enterprise, Splunk Forwarders.

Splunk's Community Questions and Answers.

Splunk and Community built apps and add-ons.

Blog posts on various topics.

Develop on Splunk.

Web Based Storage Requirement Calculator.


Scripted inputs designed to address common use-cases in forwarder misconfigurations in a Splunk deployment


Correlate logs and metrics for infrastructure monitoring.

Splunk App for Infrastructure Documentation.

Enterprise Security

A collection of awesome resources for Splunk Enterprise Security


Splunk's Home Page for Enterprise Security.

Splunk documentation for Enterprise Security.

IT Service Intelligence

A collection of awesome resources for Splunk IT Service Intelligence


Splunk's Home Page for IT Service Intelligence.


Interactive timeline with call-outs for events.

Hierarchical, relational pie charts.

A grid of related measurements, colour intensity derived from the value.

Spinning globe with events correlated to locations (flashy C-level eye-candy).

Download other custom visualizations from Splunkbase.

Conferences, Meet-Ups and Socialising

Find a nearby usergroup.

Splunk's annual conference website.

Watch past presentations and download the slides from past .conf presentations.

Splunk's publicly accessible Slack.

Unofficial Sub-Reddit.


Instructions for connecting to #splunk of Efnet.

Order some Splunk Schwag you missed from a meetup or .conf.

The Splunk Trust is an invite only group of Splunk Ninjas.

Personal Home Pages

Miscellaneous scripts and visualisations.

Security and Syslog related materials.

Many Splunk related items, including details on Splunk ES's Extreme Search.

Security and Machine Learning items.

Miscellaneous Splunk items.

Some early resources on Splunk basics and optimisations (infrequently updated).

SPL Repositories

Search Engine for Splunk Queries split by sourcetype and use-case.