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Awesome Standard Style

Documenting the explosion of packages in the standard ecosystem!

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Last Update: Oct. 23, 2021, 6:05 p.m.

Thank you standard & contributors
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JavaScript Standard Style. One Style to Rule Them All!

usage stats

List of packages that use standard

1y 5m

standard is one of theย top packages on npm

packages used by standard

AST-based pattern checker for JavaScript

standard's guts, extracted into a reuseable package. build your own!

standard custom eslint rules (not part of eslint core)

automatic code formatters

A list of search and replace unix commands to help make a node repository 'standard' compliant

editor plugins

pretty terminal output (reporters)

Format JavaScript Standard Style as Stylish (i.e. snazzy) output

Format JavaScript Standard Style as TAP output

Format JavaScript Standard Style output to a JSON array

Reporters for feross/standard via unix pipes, many options

Display output as a list of errors, ordered by count

build tools

Integrates standard into your mocha tests

Standardjs Docker image to easily and quickly lint and report javascript files. Very useful in Docker based build systems.

code/project generators

Yeoman generator for new packages with babel and standard

Generate Your ESNext+StandardJS+Mocha Ready, NodeJS Projects in Seconds!

Generate Your Own ESNext+StandardJS+Mocha Ready NodeJS Generators In Seconds!

inspired by `standard`

Set of the strictest linters for your next frontend app

1y 56d

Lint all the javascript code blocks in your markdown files

Sass & Scss & Css Standard Style. One Style to Rule Them All!


standard customized to make @JedWatson happy

standard, with even more semicolons


JavaScript happiness style"


the spec doesnt care about semicolons and neither should you"

Move forward and standardize with Obama

A stricter standard made for babel and es7

standard but with more customization and individual rules.

standard without JSX rules.