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Awesome Textpattern

A curated list of Textpattern plugins and resources

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h1. Awesome Textpattern Awesome

A curated list of amazingly awesome "Textpattern CMS": plugins, resources and shiny things.

This list is for the latest version of Textpattern (v4.7.x). For Textpattern v4.6.x see the "txp-4.6 branch":

h2. Contributing

This list is for the community and curated by it, so please contribute. See "CONTRIBUTING": for details.

h2. Contents

  • "Plugins":#plugins "Admin":#admin "Comments":#comments "Content":#content "Embedding":#embedding "Forms":#forms "Images":#images "Navigation":#nav "Performance":#performance "SEO":#seo "Social":#social ** "Miscellaneous":#misc
  • "Plugin Development":#development
  • "Themes":#themes "Back-end":#back-end "Front-end":#front-end
  • "Resources":#resources "Official resources":#resources-official "Migration":#migration ** "Web development software integration":#software-integration
  • "Community":#community "Core team":#core-team "Plugins developers":#plugins-dev ** "Blogs":#blogs
  • "Related":#related
  • "License":#license

h2(#plugins). Plugins

h3(#admin). Admin

  • "cbe_frontauth": - Manage backend connections from frontend and protect content from non-logged in users.
  • "hak_tinymce": - TinyMCE integration for Textpattern.
  • "jbx_multiple_image_upload": - Multiple image upload.
  • "rah_privileges": - Configure Textpattern's admin-side user-group privileges through the Preferences panel.
  • "spf_codemirror": - CodeMirror syntax-highlighting and Emmet code-completion for Pages, Forms, Styles, etc.
  • "spf_js": - JavaScript management (similar to Presentation โ†’ Styles).
  • "tom_image_grid": - Provides a more compact grid interface for the image admin panel.
  • "yab_copy_to_new": - Allows for easy copying of articles from the Write panel.

h3(#comments). Comments

  • "arc_admin_comment_preview": - Adds a comment preview to admin.
  • "jnm_recent_comments_unique": - Show latest comments.
  • "rah_comments": - Paginated article comments.
  • "rah_comment_spam": - Comment anti-spam plugin.

h3(#content). Content

  • "glz_custom_fields": - Unlimited custom fields.
  • "smd_tags": - Unlimited, structured taxonomy across content types.

h3(#embedding). Embedding

  • "arc_vimeo": - Easily embed Vimeo videos.
  • "arc_youtube": - Easily embed YouTube videos.
  • "oui_embed": - Embed any information from any web page using "Embed":
  • "oui_instagram": - Easily embed Instagram recent images galleries.
  • "oui_player": - Easily embed customizable players from a growing providers list.

h3(#forms). Forms

  • "zem_contact_reborn": - Contact forms.

h3(#images). Images

  • "smd_imagery": - Article images management.
  • "smd_thumbnail": - Multiple image thumbnails of arbitrary dimensions.

h3(#nav). Navigation

  • "adi_menu": - Section hierarchy, section menu and breadcrumb trail.
  • "etc_pagination": - Paginate everything.
  • "smd_horizon": - Advanced next/previous links.

h3(#performance). Performance

  • "aks_cache": - Partially cache parts of a Textpattern template via tags.
  • "asy_jpcache": - Full page caching.
  • "etc_cache": - Events-driven cache solution for Textpattern CMS.
  • "rah_cache": - Cache dynamic pages as flat files.
  • "rah_cache_minify": - HTML compressor module for rah_cache plugin.
  • "rah_memcached": - Store parts of Textpattern templates in "Memcached":
  • "rvm_css": - Static CSS caching.

h3(#seo). SEO

  • "arc_meta": - Meta tags to improve site SEO and social marketing.
  • "arc_redirect": - URL redirect plugin.
  • "rah_sitemap": - XML sitemap generator.
  • "wcz_utf8_url": - UTF-8 permlinks instead of transliterated ones.

h3(#social). Social

Plugins that add social features to Textpattern.

  • "arc_social_share": - Social bookmarking.
  • "pat_article_social": - Social bookmarking with share counts.
  • "TXP Tweet": - Twitter-Textpattern integration.

h3(#misc). Miscellaneous

  • "fly_excerpt": - Truncate the article excerpt.
  • "oui_cookie": - Set, read, reset or delete cookies manually or through URL variables.
  • "oui_quote": - Pull and display a quote from "Quotes on design":, "They said so":, "Le figaro": or "Le Monde":
  • "pat_if_amp": - Serve Google's Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) in Textpattern.
  • "pat_eu_cookies_law": - EU Cookie Law compliance: A Textpattern CMS plugin for third-party cookies.
  • "rah_backup": - Takes backups from Textpattern CMS installations.
  • "rah_flat": - Edit Textpattern's database contents and page templates as flat files.
  • "rah_terminal": - Terminal interface emulator.
  • "rvm_maintenance": - Shows a maintenance page to all visitors who are not logged in on the admin side.
  • "smd_if": - A generic 'if condition' tester.
  • "textpattern-installer": - Textpattern plugin and theme installer for Composer.
  • "upm_pending_notify": - Pending article notifications.

h2(#development). Plugin Development

  • "ied_plugin_composer": - Create, publish and edit plugins.
  • "MassPlugCompiler": - Compiles Textpattern's plugin installer packages from separate source files.
  • "Plugin template repo": - A starter package for plugin developers.

h2(#themes). Themes

h3(#back-end). Back-end

  • "Hive theme design patterns": - Core designer guidelines for themes and plugins developers.
  • "jQuery UI theme repo": - The jQuery UI theme used within the Textpattern admin-side.

h3(#front-end). Front-end

  • "Default theme repo": - The theme that ships as standard with Textpattern CMS.

h2(#resources). Resources

Various resources, such as books, websites and articles, for improving your Textpattern skills and knowledge.

h3(#resources-official). Official resources

  • "Official website": - Download link, features description and information.
  • "Textpattern Documentation": - The Textpattern user guidelines.

h3(#migration). Migration

  • "WP to Txp": - WordPress developer helpful references.

h3(#software-integration). Web development software integration

  • "Textpattern for Panic Coda": - Handy elements for use with Panic Coda 2 on a Mac.

h2(#community). Community

  • "@textpattern on Twitter":
  • "Google+":
  • "Textpattern Forum":

h3(#core-team). Core Team

  • Stef Dawson aka "Bloke": on "GitHub":
  • Oleg Loukianov aka "etc": on "Github":
  • Phil Wareham aka "philwareham": on "GitHub":
  • Robert Wetzlmayr aka "wet": on "GitHub":

h3(#plugins-dev). Plugins developers

Alphabetical order by author prefixes

  • adi aka "gomedia": on "GitHub":
  • arc aka "monkeyninja": (Andy Carter) on "Github":
  • bot aka "redbot": on "Github":
  • cbe aka "CeBe": (Claire Brione) on "Github":
  • goe aka "goechsler": on "Github":
  • jcr aka jools-r on "Github":
  • mkp aka "michaelkpate": (Michael K Pate) on "Github":
  • oui aka "NicolasGraph": (Nicolas Morand) on "Github":
  • pat aka "Pat64": (Patrick Lefevre) on "Github":
  • rah aka "Gocom": (Jukka Svahn) on "Github":
  • smd aka "Bloke": (Stef Dawson) on "Github":

h3(#blogs). Blogs

  • "Textpattern Tips": - Tips, tutorials and code examples to help build better Textpattern sites.

h2(#related). Related

  • "Awesome PHP": - A curated list of amazingly awesome PHP libraries, resources and shiny things.

h2(#license). License

Creative Commons Licence
Awesome Textpattern by Andy Carter is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.